100% Cotton v. Poly/Cotton Lab Coats

So this is an interesting topic.  One that I thought I would expand on, hoping to get an active discussion going about the pros/cons of both.  As we continue to grow from a small start-up to an established brand that is truly fulfilling the apparel needs of those working in medicine and dentistry, our goal is to continue to expand our product line to meet varying needs and preferences. Currently all Medelita lab coats, both women's lab coats and men's lab coats, are made from 100% cotton.  This decision was based on comfort and quality.  Coupled with technical performance features that minimize shrinkage, prevent wrinkling, and repel fluid and stains, 100% cotton was a great choice for our first lab coat introductions. What are the benefits?  Comfort, non-yellowing (as is the problem with poly/cotton blends), and a luxurious appearance.  Cons?  Good quality cotton is becoming scarce, and therefore cotton prices are rising dramatically. Most "standard" lab coats are made from a polyester/cotton blend.  The polyester gives durability to the fabric blend, allowing a thinner fabric than cotton.  Polyester does not respond well to bleach, and therefore yellows or grays over time.  It tends to have a more abrasive finish than cotton, although higher-end weaving and finishing process can avoid this. So which do you prefer?  What are you wearing now, and for what reasons do you like/dislike your lab coat fabric?  Would you buy a Medelita lab coat in a poly/cotton blend, if of significantly better quality than a standard lab coat?

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