A Father's Day Gift Fit For A Doctor

Let's be honest - Father's Day is a bit of an anomaly, even to those that celebrate it(not surprisingly, many countries have formally chosen to recognize it).  In the U.S., a typical Mother's Day celebration might include a brunch with the family, complete with some flowers and maybe a nice gesture or two (think something chocolate).  Father's Day, however, seems to be more of a gift holiday.  While I'm sure many will inevitably fire up the grill for a traditional barbecue, I can't help but picture this in my head every time I think of the typical scene around Father's Day: All humor aside, ties are definitely important to dad - especially if he's a professional and is required to dress as such on a daily basis.  If you've picked a nice tie, I can't imagine a better gift for Father's Day.  That is, unless you're purchasing a gift for a doctor.

Drop the tie, pick up the bag

While many of our colleagues in medicine wear ties, there is an increasing trend away from wearing ties during shifts since there is always the risk of the tie "getting in the way" of hands-on treatment and possibly even spreading infection. That's why we've decided to offer some considerable savings on leather physician bags over this Father's Day.  The bags that we sell come from a rising star in the world of leather brands called Boconi, and they are the ultimate Father's Day gift for the Dr. Dad in your family.  Rather than showing up the next day in a crazy new tie, outfit him with some real style and functionality that he's going to love.  Check out all the bags here: //www.medelita.com/mens-leather-bags.html


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