A Sacred Promise

This afternoon we were treated to a picture of TheRightFit H.E.R.O. Honorarium Nominee and Stony Brook School of Medicine Resident, Dr. Christine Ann Garcia in the Sacred Valley of Peru. She has spent the last two weeks in the Andes of Peru with several of her peers from A Promise To Peru, Inc.on an annual cataract surgical and medical mission to the area. This is the note she included with her message:

I am wrapping up a 2 week medical trip with A Promise to Peru in Peru. In the first week, cataract surgeries were performed for Sacred Valley residents. In the second week, we set up several travel clinics in small towns in the Sacred Valley including Ccotohuincho, Ccotataqui, Calca, etc. There we saw hundreds of patients daily, provided medical care for adults and children including dental education, ultrasound and back exercises. We also had gynecological services. Here is a picture of me in my Medelita scrubs on my last clinic day today in Plaza Mejor in Calca.


We couldn't be more proud of Dr. Garcia's work with patients in one of the most remote regions in the world. She truly embodies the spirit of the H.E.R.O. program and we look forward to hearing more about the trip! To find out more information about volunteering or to donate to A Promise To Peru - please visit http://apromisetoperu.com/our-mission/

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