Are Men's Lab Coats True To Size?

Top 5 common question here at  So here we go - let's talk about men's lab coat sizing and how to decide what size to order. Medelita Men's lab coats are available in sizes 36 - 52, even sizes.  

The easiest way to know EXACTLY what size to order is to go to your closet, and find a blazer or suit jacket that fits you really well.  

Then look to see what size it is.  

Order that size of Medelita lab coat. The confusion and questions lie (from first-time customers) in range of motion and comfort uncertainty.  Will it be roomy enough?  Will my range of motion be restricted?  

Will it look too tight?  

Shouldn't I order "up" one size?  

The answers are yes, no, no and no.  

At Medelita, comfort and superb range of motion are equally important to us.  

Our lab coats go through rigorous testing - checking positional comfort seated, standing, walking, reaching, and mock-examining patients - to ensure that the lab coat patterns (of all sizes) are ideally suited for the requirements at hand. We want to stress again - DO NOT order up a size.  

Your lab coat will be too big.  

The unique styling and pattern/cut of Medelita Men's lab coats is perfectly tailored to provide long-lasting, all day comfort.  

Proper proportioning, combined with a prestigious overall appearance, is essential in a lab coat worn over 2,000 hours/year.

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