10 Nursing Accounts You Should Be Following On Twitter

Phil Baumann @HealthIsSocial:
Working by the motto “health is social,” this registered nurse skillfully uses social media to connect with users and spread his commitment to
“researching, designing and implementing the best practices for 21st Century car.” Baumann is a founding member on the Advisory Board of Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media, and works as a Strategist for C3i Healthcare Connections. His posts range from healthcare news articles, to funny or inspiring quotes, to words of encouragement and wisdom to his followers.

Theresa Brown, @TheresaBrown:
As a
New York Times contributor and author of The Shift, Brown’s Twitter is an extension of her commentary on current healthcare issues. Her feed is filled with article links as well as discourse with other twitter users and posts.

Annie Cooper, @anniecoops:
This self-described “eclectic tweeter” lives up to her name, with a feed filled with
motivational articles on leadership, to an online petition to help nursing schools, to healthcare blog articles, to an adorable video of a man cuddling a lion cub. Cooper is a nurse specially focused on clinical informatics and helping people with long-term health conditions.

Katie Duke, @TheKatieduke:
Known for her “deal with it” attitude, Duke has contributed her healthcare insights to
Scrubs Magazine, The Doctors Talk Show, Discovery Life Channels and Fox News, to name a few. An acute care NP, Duke tweets daily personal posts along with updates on current medical news.

David Foord, @DGFoord:
As the Director of Quality at
NHS Luton Clinical Commissioning Group, Foord knows a thing or two about adding value to the healthcare experience. From personal career posts to news articles, his tweets center around striving for a better healthcare culture, for both workers and patients.

Kim Choma, DNP, @kchoma:
Women’s health NP, part-time nursing lecturer at
Rutgers University-Camden, and training consultant. Avid tweeter can also be added to Choma’s list of jobs and skills. She posts recent articles on nursing news, issues and advancements.

Terri Schmitt, @onlinenursing:
This Associate Professor at the
Chamberlain College of Nursing is dedicated to “spreading the important word about how Nursing can change Health Care.” Schmitt posts on healthcare and medical current events, and actively engages with her followers to take action in promoting healthcare change.

Brittney Wilson, BSN, @TheNerdyNurse:
Known to most as The Nerdy Nurse, Wilson strives for and encourages “
technology empowerment” amongst her readers. She is an award-winning blogger, public speaker and author of The Nerdy Nurse’s Guide to Technology. Wilson’s tweets range from quirky, personal posts, to general healthcare, with the importance of digital technology in nursing at the heart of her discussions.

Andrew Lopez, RN, @nursefriendly:
Registered nurse and organizer of
Nurses Take DC rally to protest unsafe staffing and working conditions for nurses, Lopez takes to twitter to discuss and promote all things nursing, whether it be links to breaking news stories or his very own words of advocacy.

Ashleigh Clarke, @Ashleigh_RN:
Part documentation of her journey through nursing school, part medical news and inspiration, the Twitter feed of this NP student is a wonderful collection of information and insights on healthcare current affairs.

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