Black Scrubs Are In Stock . . . Finally!

At Medelita we cater to a rather vocal group of customers.  They are not shy in telling us what colors we should have, and truthfully, what colors we are "crazy" for not carrying.  We have to slow people down a bit - and first explain that we are a brand new company with made in USA products, and thus have been cautious with growth and expansion of our product offering.  But black scrubs was not something we were nervous about.  We had sold hundreds of sets of men's black scrubs at American Academy of Dermatology meeting in Miami, as well as multiple phone orders, prior to even having a sample!  Shocking - still! We did a pre-sale in early April, in which a good percentage of orders included black scrubs - both women's and men's.  Ahead of schedule, the men's scrubs started shipping out Friday, April 30th and the women's black scrubs will start shipping out on Monday to our customers.  Now I can't say that I've ever worn or thought about purchasing black scrubs, but it appears that I'm in the minority.  Help us to spread the word to your colleagues that black scrubs are IN STOCK!  And the quality, finishing, and fit is exceptional.  We're really proud.

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