Bulk Lab Coats, Scrubs, and Uniforms

This week we will be launching our "hospital referral" program, where we will be asking our colleagues and customers in medicine if they ever thought about the possibility that Medelita could be a uniform supplier for their organization. In our experience, we have found several large locations where there might be different clusters of physicians and clinicians working in separate departments that are all long-time Medelita customers paying full price every time.


We'd like to go a step further and provide a very simple and quick way to refer us to your purchasing manager or department chair so that we can discuss a better deal for everyone. Most fields are optional and you can even choose to remain completely anonymous. The form can be found by going to this page: https://www.medelita.com/medelita-procurement.html

Have questions? Contact us at contact.us@medelita.com or 877.987.7979 or browse through some of the FAQs below:

Question: How would My hospital or group afford to pay for this? Answer: If you have multiple colleagues who endorse our products and we can work with larger quantities, then pricing becomes very advantageous - especially when consider the quality of our products.

Question: What is the pricing? Answer: Starts at 10 units with a 15% discount (a scrub set is considered one unit) and goes up to 40% off for quantities 500 units or more. This is all built into the website - just add products to your cart and it automatically provides the discount. You can even receive the benefits of complimentary shipping and name & title embroidery.

Question: Are there additional bulk discounts? Answer: Yes. We offer bulk pricing (AKA a Medelita 'reset') which starts at 1,500 units.

Question: Do you offer ongoing support of uniform programs? Answer: Yes. Medelita will host and support a “private store” for your large group or hospital where all the variables are preset by the administration. Using this technology we are able to solve multiple challenges plaguing existing uniform programs by making ordering easy and ensuring fast delivery of personalized garments to your facility. A Medelita private store supports consistency of product and consistency of embroidery which standardizes and upgrades everyone's appearance.

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