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Medelita is a unique company in that it sells directly to customers on the internet and typically does not sell through other stores. We do this for a very good reason: we want to maintain full control over the quality of our garments and how they are presented in the marketplace. Our products are like nothing else available in our industry, and they simply do not belong in any typical medical apparel store where products are often found disorganized and crumpled together, wrinkled, or worse yet, on the floor.

Most of our new customers who have issues with this generally do so because they must try on our garments to determine their proper size. To address this issue, we offer free shipping and free returns for anyone who would like to try on two or more sizes before making a final purchase. Furthermore, we continue to focus our efforts on delivering an in-store experience across the country at several of the most prestigious medical conferences. Please click here to see a list of upcoming medical conferences where we will be exhibiting, and we invite you to stop by our mobile store to find your favorite lab coat and size. Also, please feel free to call us at 877.987.7979 or email contact.us@medelita.com to place an order for pickup in person at any upcoming conference. International customers especially appreciate this option.

We look forward to seeing you at your next medical conference!

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