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  • Match Day: Information, Advice, and Tips for Moving Forward

    After four years of studying, examinations, OSCE’s, clinical rotations, shelf exams, residency interviews, and everything in between - all of our efforts during medical school reaches a pinnacle during Match Day.
  • Match Week Reflections

    The past (almost) four years have flown by. There has been hardship, triumph, but, most importantly, so much growth. Growth in the way of medical knowledge, relationship and communication skills, and self-reflection abilities.
  • What to Wear Under (and Over) Scrubs to Keep Warm

    When temperatures are at an all-time low outside during the winter, you want scrubs that will keep you warm. Follow this guide to learn more about what to wear under (and over) your scrubs to keep you comfortable.
  • How To Survive Match Day (From a Spouse’s Perspective)

    As a spouse of a medical student, I stood by my husband’s side throughout his schooling and tried to provide support when possible without the insight to understand completely.
  • Match Week 2018: What You Need To Know

    Match Day is the day every pre-medical student dreams of. It is a national day where all the United States medical students find out what program they will be employed at for residency.
  • Why I Love Being A Male Nurse

    Being a male nurse to me would entail what being a nurse would mean to any nurse, male or female. This profession offers the ability to influence a patient’s hospital stay, surgery experience and overall healing experience.
  • International Women's Day: A Letter from the Founder of Medelita

    The courageous women who wear Medelita are my colleagues and friends, and on International Women’s Day my heart is bursting with pride as we celebrate the resilience of females around the globe who are standing up and embracing their own power and passions.
  • What Is A Nurse Practitioner

    The nurse practitioner profession is progressively becoming the cure to society having a shortage of health care providers, especially in underserved areas.
  • Adopted & Confused: How Losing Myself Lead To Finding My Calling In Medicine

    Being a PA is not just a career, it is a symbol of my birth mom’s selfless sacrifice to allow a young girl a chance in this world to become something magnificent.
  • Being A Doctor Married to A Doctor

    We are still not perfect, and even the longest lasting relationship is not without conflicts. However through our commitment to this marriage, we have identified our major sources of conflict, learned the best ways to de-escalate arguments, and create a loving environment that helps us to growth together.
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