Enclothed Cognition


  • In October, We Wear Pink.

    Regina George may have had it somewhat right, but these days it's not just on Wednesday's that we wear pink. The entire month of October is now dedicated to wearing the color in order to help raise awareness for breast cancer, and as knowledge continues to spread, more and more people are joining the movement.
  • The Physician Assistant Life

    The end goal to becoming a PA is drawing near, and it has been a whirlwind of an adventure getting to where I am today.
  • My Thoughts as a PA and a Woman in Medicine

    Everyday, but especially this week, I am proud to call myself a PA, and even prouder to be a woman in medicine.
  • Tips for Securing a Job Post-PA School Graduation

    PA school is hectic, a whirlwind of studying, tests, and clinicals. It’s hard sometimes to keep the end game in mind, and that is after all, to graduate and secure a job in your dream profession!
  • Physician Assistants Are Creative, Too!

    Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “creative” as having or showing an ability to make new things or think of new ideas. Not only is this the foundation on which the profession was built, but many PAs find themselves in a situation where they must be creative about how they are going to pave the way for the profession.
  • Things You Learn in PA School (Besides the Book Stuff)

    As a PA student, you will learn so much more than just how to practice medicine. I’m currently in the thick of it, so here's a sneak peek into the things that I have learned in PA school outside the books!
  • Confessions of a Three-Time PA School Applicant

    As the Physician Assistant profession is gaining more and more recognition, getting accepted into PA school becomes increasingly difficult.
  • Becoming a Physician Assistant

    We are proud to be PAs. We care about the health and wellness of the patients we serve. We are a partner in improving our quality of life both on an individual and community level.
  • Reflecting Upon 50 Years of Physician Assistants

    The ability to pursue a tremendous variety of career opportunities across a broad field of specialties, based purely on our evolving personal and professional needs, is a gift.
  • Top Ten Essentials For Surviving Medical School

    As a seasoned third year medical student, these ten things are what I found necessary to get through my first two years of medical school!