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  • 5 Tips for Choosing a Women's Lab Coat

    If you're purchasing a Medelita lab coat for the first time, you may feel overwhelmed by the choices available to you. After all, having a choice at all is a revolutionary concept for medical apparel. While all of our styles look great on any figure, we want you to look and feel perfect. Here are 5 tips to help you make the best decision. 1. Looking the Part One of the most important factors to determine which women's lab coat would be best for you is your professional title. The healthcare industry is a varied amalgam of high profile roles, often with specific standards and demands. If you're a female dentist, our dental coats, Elsie G. and Lucy H.T., were designed specifically to accommodate the exact range of motion and ergonomics required of you. During our design phases, we went so far as to test these coats against hours of sitting with arms in extension, to mimic the movement required of dental professionals. Medelita dental lab coats also feature snap closure and knit cuffed sleeves. If you're a student, the Elizabeth B. is a perfect fit. The hip-length lab coat is similar to our original Callia lab coat in design features and features feminine shaping and rounded lapels. The Elizabeth B. lab coat is also very popular with nurse practitioners. 2. Pants or a Skirt? Do you wear a skirt or slacks/scrub pants beneath your lab coat? Your typical style of professional dress is an important component of deciding how long your lab coat should be. Our longer 38" Callia and Estie styles are perfect with scrub pants, slacks, or longer skirts, while the 34" Ellody is a great length to pair with any skirt that falls at or above the knee. 3. Hourglass vs. Athletic As women, we've all had a moment or two of feeling as though the attention spotlight is a little lower than it ought to be. For bustier and curvier women, our Estie lab coat is designed to flatter curves with a professional subtlety. With pleating below the bust, slimming vertical princess seams, and defined waist detailing, the Estie lab coat is perfect for anyone with a C cup or greater. On the opposite side of the fence, women with more athletic frames will find that our Callia and Ellody styles accentuate a feminine touch while maintaining a professional look. 4. How Tall Are You? Your height is another important factor in determining the right length for your lab coat. Our Callia and Estie lab coats fall just above the knee on a woman of 5'6" height, and we recommend these styles if you're 5'6" or taller. The Ellody lab coat looks absolutely stunning on women who are 5'5" or shorter, or if you are a taller woman who prefers to wear skirts professionally. 5. Rounded vs. Straight Lapels Our clinician lab coats are designed with two very distinct lapel styles, and most women have a strong preference. For a more traditional look, the Estie lab coat features a straight lapel and collar, but with ideal placement higher on the clavicles for an updated look, as compared to traditional unisex styles.  In contrast, the rounded lapels of the Callia and Ellody lab coats offer a softer and more feminine appearance. For additional assistance in choosing a lab coat, please email us at contact.us@medelita.com or call 877-987-7979 for personalized service.

  • Medelita Lab Coats Featured on A Gifted Man

    There's nothing quite like watching TV and being able to say, "Oh, that's our coat!" It's an immense feeling of pride that floods over us as we get to see Rachelle Lefevre looking absolutely amazing in our Callia lab coat on the new CBS drama, A Gifted Man. The new show, which airs on Fridays at 8pm ET/PT, follows a gifted surgeon (Patrick Wilson) who suddenly has his life changed when his ex-wife dies and goes on to teach him about life from beyond the grave. It's a great show, a unique combination of House meets the Patrick Swayze classic, Ghost. On the show, Dr. Kate Sykora, played by Rachelle Lefevre, is often featured wearing the Medelita Callia women's lab coat. The Callia lab coat is our original, signature lab coat. Distinctly feminine, yet appropriately professional and distinguished, the Callia lab coat features rounded lapels, rounded corners on the chest and front pockets, and beautiful back waist detail with buttons. Pleating above and below the back waist belt make it especially flattering to the female figure. The brushed finish of the fabric makes these women's lab coats exceptionally photogenic - the perfect choice for professional photography or on-screen filming.

  • Guest Blog: Pretty (Tired)

    I used to be pretty. Theoretically, I still could be. I have some decent raw material. Taller than average. Slender, athletic frame, if a little pear-shaped. Hair that is straight without intervention, light brown with natural strawberry highlights. Brown eyes, dark eyelashes, full lips. Clear skin with a few freckles. Maybe not beautiful, but okay. More than some people have to start out with, and I feel like I should make the most of it. I'm working in the clinic right now. I adore office work. Things that most people take for granted- sleeping at night, wearing your own clothes to work, eating lunch- are joys that I get to experience in clinic that I don't usually get while working on the wards. I can put on pants that fit, a purple shirt that looks good with my skin tone, and put on thirty seconds worth of makeup. Undereye concealer, powder, a little blush, a lipstick that has been in my white coat for months. Four people stop me this morning to tell me how great I look. "Wow, are you wearing makeup?" "You look great!" "I like you in your clothes" (side note: does this sound inappropriate to you? Would you also like me out of my clothes?) "You are really pretty." They always sound a little surprised when they say that. I smile and laugh a little. I tell them thank you, that this is how I used to look in my other life. This is how I looked before I went to medical school, became a doctor, and worked harder/got less sleep than a mother of perpetually newborn twins. When I'm at the hospital, I wear the required men's scrubs. They are too short, hug my hips too tight, and gap in the chest. My hair is always up and never combed. Sometimes I wear my surgical hat even when I'm not going to the OR, just because I feel like it's cuter than my head. My skin is dull, I have pimples from my surgical mask, and I look bruised on the thin skin under my eyes. My joints ache with tiredness. I look weary. I feel old. I always sort of wondered when I would start looking older. I look young for my age, and always have. Indeed, the "little doc" came out of people's surprise that I was old enough and accomplished enough to be wearing a white coat. When would I stop looking like the "little doc" and just a doctor? Now I know. I think this process will age me. Like the presidents. Those guys always start out looking okay, and gradually their wrinkles form and deepen, the skin looks sallow, their hair goes gray. By the end of the term, they have aged much more than four years. And I think this four years of residency will do the same to me. However, hopefully then I will have a stable practice that I love, a little more sleep at night, and more working hours during the daytime. I can wear comfortable scrubs that are made for women. I'll feel better, even though I'll be older. And hopefully I'll make enough money to buy more expensive cosmetics, and afford a few units of Botox. I think I'll probably need them. :) Dr. Anne KennardMedelita Guest Blogger: Dr. Anne Kennard. Anne is an OB/GYN resident in Phoenix. She has kept a collection of writings about medicine/becoming a doctor since her second year of medical school, and we're honored to welcome her as a guest blogger for Medelita.

  • Top 4 Lab Coats For Men

    This season's best lab coats for men represent a vast improvement over most of the lab coats available on the market today. Gone are the days of flimsy, ill-fitting coats with abrasive fabric that stains easily. The next generation of lab coats are now here to stay, featuring impeccably hand-sewn seams and superior quality fabric that not only resists stains but resembles something more akin to a tailored suit blazer rather than a lab coat. Here are our favorite styles for men this year:

    1. Laennec Men's 40" Lab Coat. This lab coat is built for the modern health care professional looking for an updated appearance while on the job. It's the standard size for most male physicians and a favorite among most Medelita-mens customers.
    2. Osler Men's 44" Lab Coat. The Men's Osler Lab Coat is the ultimate display of prestige and aptitude for healthcare professionals. It includes five pockets, including one for a normal iPad or any other device.
    3. Fauchard Men's 40" Dental Lab Coat. The only lab coat that has it all - snap buttons, cuffed sleeves, ergonomic fit to allow maximum forward pronation, and a high collar for superior protection.
    4. Fleming Men's 30" Student Lab Coat. This men's consultation lab coat is perfectly suited to make an impression before, during, and after the white coat ceremony. It is by far the most impressive student lab coat available in the industry today.

    Feel free to browse the full list of men's lab coats by Medelita at the Medelita Men's Lab Coats Page.

  • Does Your Lab Coat Have History?

    Our lab coats do.  We are establishing a new paradigm in the medical apparel industry. In fact, our aim isn't to simply make “lab coats and uniforms,” rather, we strive to coats and scrubs that are specifically tailored to be physician coats and scrubs for doctors.

  • From Suicide to CPR: The Origin of Resusci Anne

    Her face has been compared to the Mona Lisa - yet she bears her enigmatic smile in the absence of life. It is a face that I am willing to bet everyone reading this has seen. I'm even willing to bet that you've kissed her once or twice.

  • Something Old, Something New

    Does the website look a little different to you? If you had that little moment of pause when you visited medelita.com this week you are definitely not alone, and for good reason.

  • Best Apps for Healthcare Professionals

    When was the last time you sat down at a desktop computer to look something up? Chances are that when you need to quickly check a reference or look up an article, you turn to your smartphone or tablet for finding information quickly and on the go.

  • Five Most Fascinating Stories in Recent Medical News

    Each month we try to bring you the top five most compelling stories in recent medical news. Keep reading to learn about how hypothermia can lead to better kidney transplants, how a little boy became the first child two receive a double hand transplant, the new FDA approved weight loss device, and more!

  • Stay Ahead Of The Curve With New Medelita Products Arriving This Fall!

    At Medelita, we try to make sure our customers receive garments that are not only impeccable in fit and design, but that also match their unique needs for functionality. Therefore we couldn't be more excited to announce the upcoming launches of two new products: our Limited Edition Miranda B Lab Coat and a new line of Modern Fit Scrubs with added utility features!

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