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  • The Best Embroidery Colors And What Color To Avoid At All Costs

    So you’ve found the Medelita web site. You’ve overcome your shock of finding gender specific clinician lab coats. You scratch your head over the various styles to choose from and seemingly flattering features. You take a gander at your current lab coat, and make the transitional quandary in that it is potentially no longer a required cape, but a flattering, statement piece.

  • Custom Scrubs By Medelita Now Available

    We can make your hospital or large group your very own custom-colored scrub sets, or just the scrub top, or the scrub pant. We recently assisted a customer who required white scrub pants, which is a color we do not currently offer.

  • What is Comfort?

    Our fabric partners at Drirelease® have just completed a new video that provides a simplified explanation of how their technology works, which is in every pair of scrubs we make.

  • Top 7 Reasons Why Emergency Departments Love Our Scrubs

    Baggy and unisex medical scrubs have not truly evolved in years. Brands may introduce new colors, new prints, and new pockets - but true innovation has been lacking. Our founder, an emergency medicine physician assistant specializing in pediatrics, found trend unacceptable.

  • A Veterinary Resident Lab Coat Testimonial

    Every once in a while we receive unsolicited messages like these that help to put all of our hard work into perspective and in Mary's case, it simply makes us smile knowing that our colleagues understand exactly the unique service we're attempting to provide.

  • Top 6 Do's And Don't's Of Lab Coat Embroidery

    Adding personalized embroidery to our lab coats is as second nature to us a signing our names. Every day we process orders with a little as one embroidered lab coat to over one thousand lab coats with logo embroidery.

  • Men’s Scrubs Reinvented for Physicians and Clinicians

    OR scrubs have not seen real innovation since the early 1970s, when the standard for medical scrubs was introduced and reached popular appeal. Our men’s scrubs have shifted the paradigm for men with a more fitted shape and added comfort in an “OR” style scrub.

  • Slim Fit vs. Classic Fit – A Men’s Lab Coat Fit Guide

    We have two distinctly different  fits for our men’s lab coats which we’d prefer to call “physician” or “clinician” coats as our white coats are far from the ubiquitous “laboratory coat.” 

  • How To Purchase An Embroidered Lab Coat As A Gift

    I was recently approached by a friend who wanted to purchase a personalized Medelita lab coat for a new graduate, and could sense his apprehension immediately. While this would make the perfect gift, he explained, it required that the size, fit, style, and embroidery was perfect.

  • Picture Perfect

    As one of our 51 inaugural nominees for The Right Fit H.E.R.O. Honorarium, Dr. Ian Neel was recently awarded a Medelita lab coat and a set of baltic scrubs. While we didn't expect to receive many pictures back, Dr. Neel - a resident in Internal Medicine at the University of California, San Diego - was kind enough to remind us why we love being outdoors in southern California (our offices are located just north of Dr. Neel in San Clemente).

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