Cleaning Your Lab Coat The Eco-Friendly Way

We recently had a customer ask if she could clean her Medelita lab coat with natural soap, vinegar, or orange oil. As we, as a society, become increasingly more aware of our carbon footprints and chemical toxicity, a desire for eco-friendly options is rising - so I wanted to take a moment to address this question for all of our customers. For Medelita lab coats, we do not recommend using anything citrus-based as a cleaning agent. The acidity in orange or lemon oils acts like chlorinated bleach. Chlorinated bleach is extremely harsh and will slowly eat away at the cotton of your coat. While most lab coats are polyester, Medelita lab coats are 100% cotton treated with DuPont™ Advanced Dual Action Teflon® fabric protector,  which repels and releases stains. A gentle detergent in the agitation of washing is usually enough to leave your coat as white and clean as the day it was purchased. However, if you want to use bleach, a non-chlorinated version is acceptable. For Green cleaning solutions, we suggest using white vinegar or a natural lavender-based soap. Lavender has natural antibacterial properties, and will kill germs and bacteria without compromising the fabric. As seen on Dr. Oz, lavender oil also kills bacteria on the skin and nails. For example, if you get a fungus from the nail spa, putting lavender oil on your nails at night will clear it right up.

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