COVIDsitters: A Platform to Connect Frontline Workers in Need to Student Volunteers

Laguna Hills, California – May 5, 2020 For Immediate Release

The premium, medical apparel brand MEDELITA has partnered with Physician Moms Group, Law Mamas and Ryan Grey MD to offer a platform to easily pair frontline healthcare workers whose lives have been disrupted by COVID-19, with healthcare students generously willing to provide help with childcare or other basic needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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COVID-19 has forced implausible complexities into the lives of those working in frontline specialties.  Recognizing the fraught effects of the pandemic on households in the medical community, healthcare students hope to support and assist them with childcare, pet sitting, grocery deliveries, online tutoring, and the like.

With schools and day care centers closing, and with the increased workload that this pandemic requires, the health care workers on the front lines already have an incredible amount of pressure to sustain the care they provide, but need more help, especially with child care. 

Most ER clinicians working variable shifts, would normally have the help of parents, in-laws, and sitters all perfectly organized to juggle childcare, homework, meals, carpools and pets.  But due to the grandparents being considered high risk and sitters strictly practicing social distancing, they are left with no one.  

Meanwhile, students in all medical fields have flown home to continue distance learning.  Helplessly watching the pandemic unfold and far from the hospital setting, they yearn for some capacity to help in their respective future fields. 

An initiative that began with one med student in MN quickly expanded into more than thirty regional initiatives throughout the U.S.  But without a central online location for all regional forums to exist, the ability to efficiently reach those in need and match volunteers correctly was hindering the true potential.  

MEDELITA was approached by Physician Moms Group, an organizaiton that supports and empowers mothers working in medicine, Law Mamas and Medical School Headquarters to create a platform to bring all these healthcare families and volunteers together in one place. 

In awe of the bravery and sacrifices being made by those on the frontlines, the brand has set itself apart by featuring honest updates and heartfelt stories provided by its community and distinguished ambassadors both fighting on the frontlines and spreading awareness to the public as medical correspondents on ABC News, CNN, and Fox News.

Most evident is the brand’s deep, personal connection to the medical community, with founder Lara Francisco’s unique experience in healthcare as a certified Physician Assistant for over two decades. She remains highly involved in fostering personal relationships with key healthcare professionals and associations, and is also a mother who can sympathize with the challenges clinician parents are facing. 

Asked about the current crisis and the benefits of COVIDsitters, founder Lara Francisco, said, “Our priority has always been to amplify the voices of those who work in medicine.  So when the leadership of this community found an urgent need to streamline this process and approached us, we welcomed the opportunity to play any role in assisting this effort.” 

Since MEDELITA launched the website, they have added upwards of 15 regional COVIDsitter networks, and more requests are coming in.  Any essential healthcare worker can request assistance through completing a simple form specifying their needs, and they are matched with a list of students who have the availability to help in their area. 

Students in ALL realms of healthcare - pre-PA/RT/PT, nursing, or medical - interested in joining the group of volunteers may also apply via form to verify school enrollment, up-to-date-vaccination, a non-quarantined traveling history, no contact with COVID-19 patients, and a daily commitment to social distancing otherwise. 

All services are free of charge, but families may decide on compensation privately.  Alternatively, students have also welcomed letters of recommendation which could be of great assistance on their path toward a healthcare field or residency.

According to Francisco, this initiative alleviates the stress of finding reliable help, especially with honesty of exposure because the students understand the risk. Families can rest assured knowing that healthcare students provide a safe and caring option because they are vigilant about COVID-19 safety, hygiene and precautionary measures.

Student participants chose medicine because they have a deep desire to make a difference in the lives of those in their communities, and those values don’t just disappear when there is a pause in education or clinical training. They are looking to help in whatever way they can.

Improving our community is very important and many take it as a social responsibility.  Though COVID-19 may have changed every aspect of life as we know it, it is also restoring our collective faith in humanity through the help of altruistic healthcare students like these lending a hand. 

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