Dedication and Achievement in Urgent Care

Medical professionals dedicate their careers to serving others, and save lives every day without demanding or ever expecting recognition for the tremendous impact they make on countless lives. At Medelita, we believe that you deserve an appearance consistent with this high level of achievement - and that is our everyday motivation to provide functional, professional medical lab coats and scrubs. It's a motivation founded from personal experience. I was recently speaking with Medelita Founder, Lara Manchik, PA-C about her years as a clinician, and one particular story stood out from our conversation. A 64-year-old man came into the Urgent Care complaining primarily of congestion. Stuffy nose. That’s it. He mentioned in his past medical history that he was a diabetic, and that he had seen his primary doctor within the month with no new or worrisome findings.  EKG was normal. He mentioned that the night before he had some shortness of breath, but that he thought it was related to the congestion.  Rather than dismiss a step based on assumption, Lara followed her instincts and asked the nurse to run an EKG. Her request saved his life, as the man was having a full-blown heart attack with zero chest pain.  As she told the story, our Medelita Founder spoke with an admiring humility. Rather than show pride or boast clinical competence, she just wanted to talk about the letter that the patient wrote to her after recovery, and how she’ll never forget that experience the rest of her life. She seemed to feel very lucky for having the intuition to do an EKG, and the many years of ER experience to think worst-case scenario (she called it a zebra). She has great reason to be proud - as do all of our customers and colleagues. ----------- I think everyone in medicine and dentistry has stories like this.  We’d love to be inspired by yours . . .

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