New E-Gifts Make Buying Someone A Lab Coat or Set of Scrubs Easy

As a company where over 75% of orders are made with personalized embroidery, Medelita is poised to take advantage of this trend, and we have recently launched an e-gift programto speed up the process by which a person can send a gift to someone special. E-gifts are now available for anyone wishing to choose a dollar amount (between $10 and $1,000) to send via email to one's recipient either the next day or any day in the future (up to a year).

Meeting Expectations

medelita-gift-boxOur customers have grown to expect a very personalized and highly tailored garment, and we have been meticulous in our efforts to accommodate each body type and preference. However, when you’re buying our products as gifts, getting everything right becomes impossible without actually consulting with your gift recipient beforehand. Obviously that defeats the purpose, so that’s why Medelita e-gifts are the perfect way to provide a doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant with personalized garments that fit perfectly at no cost to the health professional.

Making It Special

gift writing The e-gifts can be found as a new option next to the traditional gift card option, where customers may still choose to send recipients a printed and personalized gift certificate card. We're also offering to include an elegant, hand-written letter alongside the printed gift certificate, then wrapped in a beautiful envelope and sent to your recipient at the cost of gift-wrapping ($10 extra). This holiday season, consider a Medelita gift certificate and guarantee that your loved one or colleague receives exactly what they want.

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