Even Our Elastic is Special . . .

So one of  our Medelita "out of the box" ideas - when we initially designed the clinician scrub pants - was to add elastic.  Concerned about the infamous "bubble butt" issue, we wondered how we could introduce an athletic type waistband that was comfortable and durable, but wouldn't cause an overabundance of puckering in the rear.  So the hunt began for the perfect elastic. Who knew there were so many choices?  Unbelievable.  It became apparent that there was no end to sizes, construction, or width.  We found that most elastics are made with rubber, and thus, a potential risk for latex allergy with many of our customers/colleagues.  Going the extra mile, we insisted on rubber-free elastic, made with spandex instead of rubber. Our elastic is now certified rubber-free at SGS - a global third party inspector. And the result?  A confident one.  One of high quality.  One that assures that so many of the people working in health care, who have developed latex allergies from gloves, etc., don't have to worry about sporting urticaria around their waist.  And our proudest feature - seriously flattering scrub pants that . . . .won't fall down!  It cracks me up to even write this - the thought that clinician style scrub pants have been held up by a flimsy drawstring for almost 50 years.  No more.

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