Fashion And Function Preferences Vary By Speciality

This fantastic blog post by The Doctors' Rheum gave us a few good laughs, but definitely got us thinking about our colleagues in medicine and how it must look when taking a chance on one's work attire. We also tend to find major differences in the average needs of doctors within each specialty. If you check out the comments in the article, you'll find one dermatologist mention that "You should see the fashion show at the annual meeting, talk about interesting peer pressure."

These differences actually contribute a great deal to the struggle we often have when designing our products in a way that meets the needs of each specialty without alienating another. Many of our colleagues prefer to press their Medelita lab coat and wear it to compliment their most formal attire, and still others could care less about making a fashion statement. They are looking for an every day lab coat with pure functionality and staying power.

These two extremes constantly push us toward new innovation and challenge us to perfect this process. One goal, of course, is to offer different variations of styles to accommodate both ends of the spectrum. Our feeling is that a more sensible solution would be to find a way to offer the most stylish garments available that are breathable, comfortable, and last as long as possible without showing signs of wear. What features do you prefer in a lab coat or a set of scrubs? Tell us about it in the comments section.

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