Highlighting the Heroes: U of SC & Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine Grad Up for $25K Award

Our H.E.R.O. Award -Honoring Excellent Resident Observations – was launched to highlight the personal sacrifices and educational commitment during a medical resident’s professional adult life.  We realize, considering the fast moving changes in healthcare,  how courageous medical residents are to embark upon a career in medicine with such an uncertain future.  This award is our way of recognizing that courage.

We wanted to take a moment to introduce you to our nominees individually:


Medical Residency

Kari Kraemer,D.O.

Baton rouge,Louisiana – Baton Rouge, LA
Kari attended Medical School at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine -(PCOM) at the Georgia Campus. Her first memorable experience was in Gross Anatomy class during her freshman year; she was assigned to dissect a cadaver who was a young woman in her twenties, who had died from breast cancer. Kari was overcome by the generosity of this young woman who donated her body to science. Kari did not expect to have a cadaver with which she could so closely identify, and it was a humbling and emotional experience for her. This young woman contributed an incredible amount to Kari’s medical education, and her selfless gift to contribute her body to science will indirectly impact every patient that Kari sees in her medical career. The knowledge of anatomy that allows Kari to confidently practice medicine was in large part a result of this anonymous young woman’s gift. Kari is very much a “type A” personality: she functions best under pressure and finds it exciting and interesting to be working in Emergency Medicine. The ability to actually save lives on a daily basis, and to contribute to the health of a large number of patients, motivates her. Kari’s father is a Physician so she he grew up being exposed to the practice of medicine and it had a great impact on her career choice. After attending undergraduate school at the University of South Carolina in Columbia,S.C. She was very active in her sorority and is a very sociable person with a bubbly personality. Leaving behind all of her friends,family and her social life was very very difficult for Kari. The long,isolating days of non-stop studying and living alone was one of the hardest things she has ever had to do. Vote for Kari here. If you know a resident that deserves to be recognized, please nominate your candidate here. 

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