How the Elizabeth B. Lab Coat got her name . . .

Originally Medelita lab coats were named by utilizing elegant, sophisticated female names.  Then one day our design team thought  . . . why not utilize prominent figures in medicine and dentistry to name our lab coats?  People that our customers truly recognized and admired, from history.  Such a meaningful idea, we thought about re-naming the Callia, Ellody, Estie, and Sophia.  But as our benchmark lab coats, the decision was made to transition to this new methodology of naming, going forward. Elizabeth Blackwell was the obvious choice for the first Medelita women's lab coat to carry a "true" name.  Elizabeth B. for short.  Elizabeth Blackwell was the first female doctor in the United States. She was the first openly identified woman to graduate from medical school on January 23, 1849, a pioneer in educating women in medicine in the United States, and was prominent in the emerging women's rights movement. Also the "first" of it's kind . . . the Elizabeth B. lab coat is a consultation length and/or student length lab coat, 28" in length measured from the back of the neck to the back center hem of the coat.  With Medelita signature rounded lapels and rounded pocket detail, as well as vertical darting both in front and in back - this coat is stunning.  Professional, sophisticated, and classic - this lab coat has been so popular that we simply cannot maintain our inventory.   Popular amongst students, NPs, dentists, vets,  international physicians and those who prefer a shorter length coat, the Elizabeth B. is following in the footsteps of it's predecessor by fearlessly breaking the norms, and setting new ground.  No longer is a flimsy, boxy, shapeless garment your only choice when it comes to a consultation length women's lab coat. Take a closer look at the Elizabeth B. lab coat at

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