The Wedding Ring Dilemma

One of my best friends was at her sister's wedding a few months ago. The ceremony was beautiful, in a perfect and romantic setting on the banks of a lake in Texas. My friend, as the maid of honor, was charged with holding the ring until the right moment and had placed it loosely on her own finger.  Right before the exchange, my friend lifted her hand to brush back her hair - and the ring fell off. Her expression as her brother-in-law's ring sank into the depths of the lake was priceless, and captured for eternity in photographs that make her want to cry while the rest of us can't help but laugh.

While few occasions of losing a ring can quite match that level of horrifying, a wedding band for anyone who wears one is a priceless and cherished item. Extending far beyond the face value, a wedding ring is a symbol of the love that inspired its existence, and losing it is a tragedy in any circumstance.

Many Medical Professionals are faced with a unique challenge in regards to wedding rings. In any situation that requires a medical professional to work with their hands, whether as a surgeon, dental surgeon or any medical professional required to scrub into the OR, a ring can be not only a hindrance but a dangerous liability. Lacking a safe place to store a priceless ring during such moments, a lot of medical professionals put their rings in their scrub top or tie it to the drawstring of their scrub pants, and many rings get lost this way. Others choose not to wear their wedding rings to work - leading to more than a few disgruntled spouses.

Medelita has recently discovered a small company offering a solution to this disconcerting dilemma. Designed by Meredith Pike, PA-C, a Physician Assistant working in Interventional Radiology, the Ring Cling is a small device that attaches to any article of clothing and provides a safe and secure place for your wedding ring when you are unable to wear it.

The Ring Cling can be attached securely to your scrubs during surgery, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on your patients without a nagging concern for the important ring you either left on a counter or in a pocket or simply left at home. An added benefit is that the Ring Cling contains a small metal bead so that you will never misplace it or forget you're wearing it. Whenever you remove your scrubs with the Ring Cling attached, it will rattle to remind you that it's there.

At Medelita, we're happy to support any innovation that seeks to improve the lives of our customers and colleagues.

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