The iPad Mini Fits Easily Inside Medelita Lab Coats

As our customers surely know by now, we have been making every effort to outfit our lab coats with pockets that are large enough and reinforced to comfortably carry an iPad while at work. According to our own research, at least 75% of doctors own an Apple device, and due to the demand for iPad lab coats we have been seeing more sales of those products than any of our other styles. Yet for those M.D.'s that haven't heard of Medelita, there's some growing excitement about the size of the iPad Mini. Of course, we're excited as well, since the iPad Mini should be able to fit in the pockets on all of our current styles. We're also excited about some of the new apps that are being released over the next year that have the potential to change the way doctors and clinicians treat patients. One app we're excited about is called "Share Practice," which acts as a "social clinical reference tool that doctors use to collaborate on treatments, discover clinical research, and rate treatment efficacy." According to the company's website, 1 out of 3 contacts in a doctor's phone is another doctor. If that's true then it only makes sense to tap into those contacts to "crowdsource" the most effective treatment options. In any case, apps like these only add to the demand for smart phones and portable tablets as a legitimate tool in a doctor's arsenal. What do you think? Tell us what apps you recommend for your colleagues!

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