Coats for a Cause program starting in January 2010

We received our first box of lab coats today for our philanthropic cause, Coats for a Cause.  This is a strong indication of  the desire of the entire medical communities to give back - as the program is only in it's infancy and has not launched.  The goal is to collect unwanted scrubs and lab coats and donate those items to international medical organizations that display a great need for such items.  Medelita will remove embroidery, as well as distribute the collected garments to chosen non-denominational organizations.  If you know of a worthy medical or dental organization that we should consider - please email us at Medelita has two purposes.  One, to build a sustainable profitable business and two, to give back to the medical community.  As the business grows the company will be in the position to devote more time and resources to charitable work.  “Coats for a Cause” is just one way that we plan to give back to the medical community. We hope to launch a pilot program in early 2010 to with a regional focus before bringing  the program to a national audience. Please sign up for our newsletter at for updates on this and other developments at medelita and Medelita Men's.

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