Lab Coat Fabrics - It’s All About The Weave

Radically improving lab coats starts with dramatically improving the fabric.  Medelita lab coat fabric is a proprietary diamond dobby weave which results in a beautiful subtle texture. 

What is a dobby weave?

Dobby weaves are limited to simple, small geometrics which are repeated frequently. Our founder and designer, Lara Francisco created a classic fabric that is soft to the touch, comfortable to wear, durable and drapes more like a suit and less like a smock.  This radical new approach to lab coat fabric is one component that creates a more professional lab coat. This was a tedious process which took considerable time. Countless samples were woven, and then sewn into sample garments, all in an effort to create the very best lab coat fabric. 

After multiple trials using different diamond scales, different yarn deniers, and different quality cotton stuffs Lara finalized our fabric weave many years ago. The original fabric launch in 2008 was essentially a beta version, and since that early fabric, Lara has made considerable tweaks and refinements in an effort to improve on the core attributes of our fabric: softness, comfort, durability and style.

Look for new fabrics from Medelita in the future which will continue to challenge the existing lab coat paradigm.

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