Lab Coats Score "10" at Yankee Dental Conference

The team is returning from a cross-country trip to Boston, from the annual Yankee Dental Conference.  One of our biggest and most exciting shows of the year.  Also a perplexing time of year to draw guests to the Northeast.  Wool coats, gloves, scarves, wool hats . . . not top of closet items for those of us here in San Clemente, CA. Sans frostbite, they returned with great feedback about our new dental lab coats.   The women's dental coats - the Elsie G. and the Lucy H.T. were equally well received.  Most female dentists and hygienists that came to our booth, purchased one of each.  And the male dentists and dental surgeons liked the new Fauchard dental lab coat and the traditional Laennec men's lab coat about the same.  Numerous requests were also received for the consultation length Elizabeth B. and Fleming lab coats, as the shorter length consultation coats are very comfortable for dental procedures. Our booth positioned directly across from Henry Schein, their reps decided to implement a scoring system for those donning a Medelita lab coat.  With seven lab coat styles for women, and now four Medelita lab coats for men, the HS reps made the 'trying on' not only fun but informative, for those attendees new to Medelita.  Large score cards with '9' and '10' were displayed, from across the walkway. While the overall purpose and theme of the conference was continuing education, laughter and enthusiasm were a reoccurring theme in the exhibit hall.  Thank goodness, because the laughter kept us cozy.

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