Logo Embroidery . . . Take A Look

Name and title embroidery is pretty standard.  Almost every Medelita conference garment order receives personalization above the lab coat chest pocket.  We call it "the closest thing to wearing your diploma."  So true.  And for that reason - we insist that the quality is consistent with that stamp of prestige, commitment, and achievement. Not all of our customers realize that we offer custom logo embroidery.  Something we are extremely proud of - we are able to take virtually any PDF or JPEG file and create a digitized version that is lab-coat ready.  We've learned a great deal about lab coat embroidery quality over the last couple years, and insist on only the finest quality digitization, machines, and application procedures.  Our embroiderer is a craftsman - an artist - who insists on giving extreme attention to each and every order. Send us your PDF or JPEG of your hospital, school, clinic, or private office logo, and we'll be happy to show you what we can do on any individual or group order for Medelita lab coats or medical scrubs.

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