Match Week 2018: What You Need To Know

What is Match Day?

Match Day is the day every pre-medical student dreams of. It is a national day where all the United States medical students find out what program they will be employed at for residency. Yes, I used the word employed because we actually get paid and have a work contract (yay, finally!).

Who Am I?

I am currently a fourth year medical student at Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA going into Pediatrics. So yes I will be apart of Match Day this year, which is Friday, March 16. For me the interview process was super relaxed and comfortable. The field of Pediatrics is very loving in and nurturing, so most interviewers wanted to get to know me and my personality not test my knowledge.

Do you have anxiety associated with Match Day?

Of course!!! I want to match into my top program, but its an algorithm associated with this process, so I just pray I get into one of my top programs.

How to Celebrate and De-Stress in the Days Before or During Match:

Everyone has a certain thing they love to do to help them distress and for me it’s being around family and friends. Leading up to Match Day I will be getting my hair and nails with my mother and niece. This will be a relaxing time, but also something absolutely necessary. Everyone will be making sure they look their finest for Match Day, as you should because this is a day made for us! Nonetheless, after my match day ceremony at my school, I will be going out to eat with my immediate family members, which will be followed up with top golf later that night. For me, I just want to celebrate with an intimate circle of individuals who have helped me throughout this journey.

How will my Match Day go?

At my school, we are go on stage while a PowerPoint presentation plays music and shows pictures of us. We then state what program we will be attending and then walk over to a huge map and pin where our residency program is located at with our family members. Therefore, below I have shared my PowerPoint. I hope you all like it!

Some of the most important pictures I’ve uploaded onto my PowerPoint were my kindergarten, high school, and college graduation pictures. These pictures were the most important to me because it truly demonstrates my accumulation to this point. Also, I made sure the majority of pictures had my father, mother, and siblings within them because they have always been my number one support team since I was this 5-year-old girl telling everyone “I wanted to be a doctor for my mommy!

Tips for preparing for your residency

Although I have yet to enter residency, the one thing everyone has told me to do before starting residency is to travel and relax as much as possible! Therefore, I am going to Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, Vegas, and Los Angeles before graduation. Why before graduation? Well because after graduation I will be moving to whatever new city I will be attending residency at!! Wish me luck on this new journey!

About the author:

Tiorra Ross is a fourth year medical student pursuing a residency in pediatrics. She lives life by taking chances and by fully living in faith, and she finds her most powerful inspiration in the biblical scripture "Walk by Faith, Not by Sight". When she isn't studying medicine, Tiorra enjoys mentoring pre-medicine students on her blog, where she also demonstrates the importance of a work life balance so that the younger generation understands that life continues even while in school. Follow Tiorra on Instagram!


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