MEDELITA Stethoscope Review by HIP Ambassador Brittany Snyder

I have so much to be thankful for this year! What I am most grateful for this year is the health of my loved ones and the privilege to practice medicine! Also, my new Erka sensitive stethoscope from Medelita! They were so kind as to gift me this new medical accessory!

You may be thinking “You work in dermatology! You never use a stethoscope” and you would be right, 98% of the time. In dermatology, we do use stethoscopes to take blood pressure from putting patients on spironolactone, a potassium sparing diuretic which also decreases testosterone and therefore helps acne! Some side effects can include increased urination and therefore dizziness and hypotension so for patients with a history of low blood pressure, we check their BP in office before sending off a script.

I was worried that I would miss having a bell with this stethoscope, but to be honest, I’m loving how sleek it is! It fits perfectly into a carrying case that virtually takes up no space in my bag! The dark gray color also goes with everything.

The quality of heart sounds on this stethoscope are great, too! As a new PA, I still heavily rely on the quality of my stethoscope to hear murmurs. I seriously wish I had this stethoscope on my internal med rotations! What’s also nice about this stethoscope is the interchangeable earpieces. As someone with small ears, this is much appreciated! I can tell that this stethoscope is made of durable material and will last me for years unlike the stethoscope I used during PA school.

All of Medelita's products are made from the highest quality material and are built to withstand the wear-and-tear of medicine. This amazing company run by lady boss Lara Francisco, a PA, is all about supporting women in medicine and furthering careers in medicine. What's better than getting the medicine attire and accessories you deserve all while knowing your money is going to an incredible company? For the PA student or PA in your life, I highly recommend this stethoscope!

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