MEDELITA Stethoscope Review by HIP Ambassador Joe Ciavarro


I am proud to be a product ambassador for Medelita, a white coat and scrub company started in 2008 by a physician assistant! Started by Lara Francisco, all the aspects we hate about medical scrubs and white coats (bulkiness, poor fit, uncomfortable fabric) were taken into consideration when she designed and created the Medelita company. I personally purchased two white coats and a pair of scrubs before I was asked to be an ambassador and based on the MANY compliments I received on my white coat and the comfort it brings me, I happily signed on. I am happy to speak truthfully to help support a PA (and woman-owned) small business. Full disclosure: Medelita sent me the Erka and asked for a review. What follows is my honest opinion:

Choosing the right stethoscope for any clinician is an important decision. The stethoscope was once the most revolutionary medical tool and one that is now used by nearly every specialty. It facilitates the most important task of any healthcare provider: listening. Serious, sometimes life-saving, decisions are made based on what we hear through the stethoscope, and poor quality ones can leave us indecisive. Additionally, the stethoscope you carry tells others how serious you are about listening to cardiac, pulmonary, vascular, and bowel sounds. Like a good suit or well-fitted white coat, a high quality stethoscope is a career-lasting purchase and should be chosen wisely.

The first thing I noticed about the Erka is how comfortable it is resting in my ears. This can frequently be the most awkward part of a stethoscope. The ergonomic design of the binaurals make the ear pieces slip right into place the first time, exuding a slick confidence while avoiding the awkward turning and rotating that makes you look like puppy taking his first steps. The back of the diaphragm is designed to hold your first two fingers which seamlessly move the stethoscope across the area being examined. The sound quality from the Erka was quite surprising. I really wish I had a stethoscope with such clarity when I was a PA student. The majority of my stethoscope use is in the hospital setting when performing pre-operative or post-operative assessments or consultations on the wards. These areas are not known for being the quiet atmosphere needed for good auscultation, but the Erka’s earpieces and diaphragm design seemed to drown out the ambient distractions allowing me to focus on the sounds I need to hear.

I highly recommend the Erka Sensitive Stethoscope. Medelita picked a good product to sell. I also suggest finding a way to personalize it with your name,because sinister colleagues may try to swipe yours when they see how nice it is!

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