MEDELITA Stethoscope Review by PA by DAY’s Kali & Queen

As a Physician Assistant and clinician, you always want the best for your patients. When it comes to your diagnostic tools you also want the best available. So, PA by Day is here to discuss and review a stethoscope that you may not know about. ERKA is a German made stethoscope from the ERKA brand that has made high quality medical equipment since 1889. Whether applying your stethoscope diagnostics to the heart, lungs or bowel the ERKA sensitive dual membrane chamber enables optimal auscultation.

Medelita is currently the only American brand carrying ERKA stethoscopes in two styles: Sensitive Cardiology and Precise Cardiology. Here at PA by Day we’ve had the pleasure of trading in our Littman’s for the beautifully designed ERKA Sensitive and we’re not disappointed. The design itself is sleek, lightweight and stylish. The high quality provides precise and clear auscultation, and they come in a variety of colors that can be engraved which makes it easy to personalize! Be sure to grab one for yourself soon.

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