Medical Apparel Company Takes The Road Less Traveled To Successfully Outpace Projected eCommerce Growth

According to reports from eMarketer and Internet Retailer, annual eCommerce sales grew by 16.9% YOY in 2013 and 15.4% YOY in 2014. Predictions from eMarketer based upon preliminary data reported that overall retail sales were projected to grow by 5.2% in November 2015 over the same period from 2014, and eCommerce revenue growth was projected to grow by 13.9%. B2B eCommerce revenue is making up a larger part of retail sales than ever before, with projected sales of $305 billion in U.S. in 2015 and an .  

Medelita, a California-based company specializing in the production of high-performance medical apparel, has been outpacing the B2B eCommerce market in every category of growth. During the month of November Medelita saw a 25% YOY increase in online traffic and a 32% YOY increase in B2B eCommerce revenue. The company anticipates to see similar patterns of growth as it closes out the calendar year and prepares to expand at a faster rate in 2016.  

Through its sophisticated eCommerce platform and high-level product innovation, Medelita has broken the mold of traditional business practices to drive its exceptional growth in online B2B sales. Its cutting-edge business strategy and unique approach to eCommerce has paved the way for Medelita to develop a superior customer service experience and create high-performance products that have gained a cult-like following. The ability to build and nurture these strong customer relationships while delivering top-quality products gives Medelita a highly competitive advantage within the B2B eCommerce market.  

From a B2B perspective, doing business with Medelita is a pleasant and rewarding experience. Medelita has greatly simplified the process of purchasing garments in bulk with its innovative group-ordering platform. This concierge service includes details about automatic group pricing and makes it easy for hospitals, medical groups, and private practices seeking to re-brand and improve employee morale. Medelita is also the first in its industry to offer a private store feature, which gives purchasing agents of large institutions the flexibility they require to purchase for the team or approve orders placed by individual employees. B2B customers find that Medelita’s group-ordering platform provides a complete end-to-end solution for their purchasing needs, making their job that much easier.  

Innovation at every level is central to Medelita’s guiding values and has been a cornerstone to the company’s success. Consistent with this principle of pioneering positive change, the company recently launched a line of products in their proprietary M3 fabric, a high-performance fabric that provides exceptional durability, comfort, and value for the consumer. The creation of Medelita’s M3 fabric required leveraging the latest technological advancements in textile development to create a revolutionary product line that exceeds expectations and justifies the price of the purchase. In-house embroidery is another unconventional industry practice that lends Medelita products a level of sophistication by allowing B2B and individual customers to finish their garments with customized logo and name/title embroidery.  

Since the company’s inception, Medelita has disrupted industry standards for medical apparel by introducing professional, high performance lab coats and scrubs to a market previously dominated by frumpy, low-quality uniforms. In keeping with this pattern of creating new benchmarks, Medelita has also managed to outpace the industry’s growth in B2B sectors by completely redesigning conventional eCommerce strategies to match the company’s core philosophy of innovating at every level of business.

Because of the brand’s supreme commitment to excellence, the Medelita name has come to be synonymous with high-quality products and service in hospitals and medical practices across the globe. Medelita may be an outlier when it comes to industry-standard practices, but its nonconformist approach to doing business has become one of the company’s greatest strengths.

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