Medical Clogs . . . Chefs Like Them, Too

Anyone who stands on their feet for 8+ hours/day can fully understand the importance of good, orthopedically correct shoes.  Professional clogs, to anyone who falls in that category, have become nothing less than essential.  Up and down, chair to chair, room to room, walking and running down long hallways, all day long. Physicians, surgeons and dentists have worn the original Danish clogs, Sanita, since their origination back in 1907 (!).  At Medelita, we added Sanita clogs to our line of professional lab coats and medical scrubs in 2009.  And since that time, we have been happy to receive calls/orders from those outside of medicine and dentistry.  Ever notice Michael Symon's bright red clogs on Iron Chef?  He ordered those from us.  Sanita even made him a custom pair, because we told them how much he loves red Sanita clogs.  At least every couple of days, we notice an order going to a restaurant (v. a hospital or private practice).  And that adds a bit of excitement to our day.  Today I saw an order of Professional Oil clogs in black, heading to Hangers Restaurant in Richmond, KY. So if you know of someone on their feet for extended periods of time, tell them about Sanita clogs at //  Their feet will thank you.  For a limited time, we are offering a 20% discount on clogs - enter code "comfyclogs" at checkout for a 20% discount PLUS free shipping.  Spread the word . . . to your non-medical friends, too.

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