Men's lab coat styles on the horizon . . .

To be honest, I have mixed feelings about this introduction.  The inspiration, the focus, the reigning energy behind is that we recognize a gender gap in the "medical uniform" industry - specifically for physicians and allied health professionals.  Gender gaps in medicine are a well-known/recognized, often openly discussed and published reality.  So the fact that we introduced properly fitting, feminine yet professional lab coats and scrubs for female clinicians in 2008 - has been something that I'm extremely proud of.  Still shocked at the reality it hadn't been done sooner.  But that aside, I now feel a huge dose of appreciation from those wearing our garments on a daily basis.  The overwhelming amount of personal support and enthusiasm from our customers/colleagues - is quite spectacular. So it's pretty obvious - I'm rather "protective" of this happy family of female clinician customers that we've brought together.  Hesitant to lose our focus, I made the decision to launch the men's lab coats under a different web site.  Soon to be  Recognizing the need for both female and male clinicians to wear similar professional garments in the same office/hospital setting - I knew this was an inevitable introduction if we were to be a successful and growing company.  An email I got (just tonight) from a male ED Chair said, "Help!! My colleagues all have lab coats from medelita, and they are awesome, but I need men's. I can't stand these thin, non-cotton coats. I'm willing to pay big bucks." (without edits)  But my focus - my passion - will always be supporting and providing for women in healthcare.

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