Men’s Scrubs Reinvented for Physicians and Clinicians

OR scrubs have not seen real innovation since the early 1970s, when the standard for medical scrubs was introduced and reached popular appeal. Our men’s scrubs have shifted the paradigm for men with a more fitted shape and added comfort in an “OR” style scrub. When we were designing our new men’s scrubs we wanted to make major improvements to the fabric but make minor changes to the appearance of the scrub top, favoring a more conservative v-neck to avoid unnecessary exposure. We also sought to bring significant innovation to the men’s scrubs pants, introducing a zip fly and a more attractive fit.

mens scrub tops

To complete this transformation we looked outside of the traditional list of medical apparel suppliers and reached out to several players in the outdoors/camping industry. As avid hikers, we found the gear we used in the mountains to keep warm or dry (and thus cooler in hot temperatures) would be a perfect fabric for our men’s scrubs. We developed a proprietary fabric that wicks moisture, is bacteriostatic (resists orders), and is extremely soft and comfortable to wear.

mens scrub pants

The innovation did not stop with the fabric; again we set out to create a men’s scrub pant which blends the fit of a nice pair of chinos with a pair of climbing pants to give men full range of motion and more stylish fit. Then we added more pockets and the aforementioned zipper fly. We truly feel that these are the best men’s scrubs pants available. The men’s scrub top has the same great fabric with as slim a fit as possible to still allow for full range of motion. Together, we think we have elevated that over 40+ year old product into a modern, comfortable, and functional uniform.

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