National Women Physicians Day 2017: Social Media Contest

National Women Physicians Day 2017: Social Media Contest

We want to hear your white coat story. 

National Women Physicians Day

In the weeks leading up to NWPD we will be accepting submissions from anyone with a story to tell about your experience as a woman physician.

You have the option write about yourself or another. Sometimes the best way to show gratitude is to honor a female physician who has inspired your career. Entrants are not required to be female physicians, but all submissions must address the week’s theme. 

You may enter the contest in one of the following ways:

Post a video, status, or captioned photo to Facebook or Instagram using the hashtags #NWPD #IAmBlackwell and #WomenDocsInspire. You must ‘like’ or ‘follow’ the Medelita Facebook or Instagram account and tag Medelita in the post.

Write a short story, poem, essay, or other creative media (video, photo, artwork, etc) and email submissions to

Week One (1/9 - 1/15)White Coat Memories - what does the white coat mean to you as a female physician? 
Prize: Medelita white coat with custom embroidery

Week Two (1/16 - 1/22): What is your favorite (or favorites) thing about being a female physician?
Prize: 2 sets of Medelita scrubs with custom embroidery

Week Three (1/23 - 1/29): What is something you wish you could change about being a female physician?
Prize: $150 gift card to Medelita’s online store

Week Four (1/30 - 2/3): What would you like to say to a young woman looking up to you and considering a career in medicine?
Prize: Tuition to PMG Conference and one Medelita white coat and scrub set with custom embroidery


Winners for each week will be selected and announced the following Tuesday. Each winner will be featured on the Medelita website and social media accounts, and will be featured in the PMG Spring Quarterly Newsletter.

Read more info about NWPD here.

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