New Spring Sanita Professional Clogs - Now In!

Wearing a completely monotone scrub top and scrub pant all day can get a little drab.  Medical scrubs are not too exciting to put on day after day, week after week.  

How to spruce it up a bit?  Fancy undies?  Perhaps.  A colored long sleeved t-shirt?  Yep that's always good.  Crazy socks?  Always a possibility. At Medelita, we think the #1 hands-down way to add interest to an otherwise singular note top and pant . . . . is to wear any of our Professional Sanita clogs.  

The new Spring styles are the best yet - interesting blue florals, pastel florals, the #1 selling Croco now in blue.  And some modern zig-zag patterns that are sure to draw attention.  

Take a close up look at to see the new styles. And I wouldn't limit your professional clog wearing to just medical scrubs.  

They look great with professional clothing/slacks, as well, combined with a sophisticated lab coat.  

There is not another shoe out there as comfortable or posture perfect. Specifically built for medical professionals on their feet 8-12 hours/day, and endorsed by the American Podiatric Medical Association, Sanita Professional clogs add comfort + posture + true style and interest to your work day.

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