Nursing Beyond the Bedside

Millennials in healthcare are constantly exploring ways to leverage their knowledge and skills into business ventures away from the bedside.  Parlaying passion for the industry into entrepreneurial pursuits has created an influx of innovation in this tech and digital age that we live.  With the rise of a sharing economy and marketing driven by social media and influencer marketing - it’s obvious that times are changing.    

Nurses devote so much time honing critical thinking skills; it’s no surprise that their brains also often concoct business gems. The formation of health related services and products are now laden with nurse owners’ and founders who take the world by storm with their fresh and innovate perspective on business and branding.  

Looking to go from clinician to “nursepreneur”? While working at the bedside may be draining and leave little time to get your idea from the notebook to shelf, here are few tips to help jumpstart your vision.

1. Identify your passion.

We all have things that drive us at our core. Look for ways to combine your clinical expertise with your passion. Once you have identified it, allow this to guide your conceptual approach.  

2. Research your idea.

Here is a chance to put all those lovely nursing research courses to work.  Use all available resources to do the homework on your new idea! If you find that you’re not new to the market, this is no problem.  You must then find the angle or fundamental difference that will set you aside.  

Curious if your brainchild will be relevant or unique?  When in doubt, evidenced based practice lends a valuable hand. Allow gaps in current practice to guide you into a field enriching idea.

On the flipside, never underestimate the fact that you may be a trendsetter, and get in touch with your innovative side …

For ideas outside of your immediate realm, seek out the advice and counsel in a mentor or pick the brains of those who have a wealth of knowledge where you lack.  

3. Make it Official.

Before you share or promo your idea be sure to appropriately represent yourself by simple branding through means such as logos, filing your business and if necessary applying for patent to make it official.

These steps are vital  because presentation and first impressions are everything in our competitive market. Besides, the last thing you want to do is put in the hard work only to see your idea end up somewhere else.

4. Get connected!

Ever heard the saying, “closed mouths don’t get fed? “ Well this cliché still holds true. Look for ways to share your passion and get your idea out there.

Social media platforms provide free outlets to reach the masses. Whether promoting a service, product or yourself- you can engage with your audience and test the market. Amassing a large social media following not only makes the process easier, but also may be used a funding source and promotion tool. 

5. Trust the process.

When exploring new endeavors, things hardly ever fall in place as planned, which can create fear and anxiety. To weather this storm of uncertainty, it is essential that you have a support system in place.

A team of family, friends and colleagues that support your vision will provide the encouragement and honest feedback to keep you pushing forward.

Consistency is key no matter the platform, and your kick -starter is no different. Commit to the process and rest assured the kinks will work themselves out.  


Julia Eze, MSN, RN, NP-C

Julia Eze, MSN, RN, NP-C is a Medelita H.I.P. Ambassador and the founder/owner of popular online blog The Nurse Julia, a health care resource for the purpose of referencing evidence-based education and information. Nurse Julia currently works in the field of Functional Medicine as a NP, while also maintaining her privileges as a RN at Emory. Follow Julia on Instagram and visit her blog at

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