Onipa'a - Medelita in Honolulu

We recently received a picture from a photo shoot featuring our 2014 H.E.R.O. Honorarium winner, Dr. Kanani Titchen, where she was gearing up for her upcoming education series on child sex trafficking and ways to recognize and prevent it. On the same day she reminded us of her Hawaiian roots by sending us a picture of an article that was written up by Ben Wood in the Honolulu Star Advertiser:


honolulu lab coats In her final entry during the honorarium selection process, she outlined the meaning of a traditional Hawaiian word that she refers to often - Onipa'a:

As we develop professionally and personally, the roles will change – as they have changed already from premed to medical student to resident and then perhaps fellow and finally practicing or attending physician. As my roles change, I hold to the late Hawaiian Queen Liliu’okalani’s principle of “onipa’a” – steadfastness. I aim to stay true to my goals: to get good things done, to advocate for those who have less, and to seek depth of knowledge, as well as breadth.

We continue to recognize "physician activist" Kanani Titchen for her steadfast devotion to her cause and wish her and Ben Wood a warm "mahalo" for the mention!

Kanani Titchen Portrait

Dr. Kanani Titchen in her New Medelita Lab Coat

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