How To Purchase An Embroidered Lab Coat As A Gift

I was recently approached by a friend who wanted to purchase a personalized Medelita lab coat for a new graduate, and could sense his apprehension immediately. While this would make the perfect gift, he explained, it required that the size, fit, style, and embroidery was perfect. Otherwise the gift would miss the mark completely, and he was determined (rightly so) not to waste that much money on something that wasn't exactly what his loved one could be proud of wearing right away. While it's true that items with embroidery cannot be returned, there are several easy ways around the challenges outlined by my friend above.

1. Have your loved one fill out a "Gift Request"

gift request

Our Medelita gift registry has been recently retrofitted to allow for style and embroidery selections so that your recipient can simply log in, choose exactly what style and personalization suits them best, and send an email back to you directly from within the website. When you receive the email, simply click the link and your shopping bag will be ready for check out complete with your recipient's precise request. All you have to do is tell us where to ship your gift! Check out the Gift Request app by visiting this link: //

2. Purchase 2 or more coats without embroidery

If your gift recipient lives within the U.S., you can send them multiple sizes to try on at home, and they will be able to return one coat and exchange the other for embroidery - all free of charge! Check out our shipping & returns policy for full details. When we receive the exchange we will put the coat they want into the embroidery queue and issue a credit for the remaining items right away. If you need help narrowing down what 2-3 sizes to send, visit the "Personal Shopper" app here: //

3. Send an E-Gift

Our newest feature in our gift portal allows gift givers the ability to choose an email theme (i.e. birthday), any dollar amount from $10-$1,000, and they can even set a date in the future when they would like us to send the gift email. Our system will automatically send the gift recipient a personalized email from you with a special code to use at checkout. Your technically-savvy gift recipient will have their gift code stored in their email account for easy access when they're ready to shop for the perfect lab coat for them. Check out the E-Gift form here: //

4. Send a Gift Card in the mail

Looking for something more tangible than an email? We still offer 8 different gift card amounts that you can purchase online and we'll send it in the mail to your loved one. For an additional $10 a member of our design team will add a hand-written card and will ensure the envelope that arrives in the mail is exquisitely gift-wrapped for a highly personal touch. To order a traditional gift card, visit //

5. Personalized gift wrap

Let's suppose you already know exactly what size and personalization attributes they want, but you still want to ensure that the package arrives looking more like a nice gift and less like something just off the truck. Any order completed at is eligible for gift wrapping for an additional $10. We special order custom gift boxes and then wrap them in unique gift-wrap, complete with a hand-written letter. Simply choose to add gift-wrapping on the check out page when you're ready to complete your order, and type your gift message into the "comments" box at the bottom of the page. However you choose to give the gift of Medelita, on behalf of the Medelita team I wish you a very happy holiday season this year, and don't hesitate to give us a call or send us an email if you ever have any questions.

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