Work Scrubs That Withstand the Test of Time

What Are Scrubs Made of—And Why Does It Matter?

You might think that all scrubs are cut from the same cloth, but that’s where you’d be wrong. Not only can the right scrubs help keep you comfortable during long hours on the job, but quality scrubs will also stand the test of time. So, what exactly makes a difference in quality scrubs? Here are the qualities that can make scrubs stand out in both performance and professionalism.

When it comes to scrubs, materials matter

How do you create scrubs that medical professionals want to wear? The answer is incredibly simple—you listen what doctors and nurses actually need from their scrubs and deliver.

The historical model of all-cotton scrubs just doesn’t work for today’s modern-day medical professional. The “old” cotton scrub fabric would quickly wear out, shrink, and lose its color and shape, leading to scrubs that not only look and fit poorly, but also felt uncomfortable. So, just like in medicine, innovation in scrub fabric and material was necessary.

Swapping out cotton for a next-generation cotton-poly blend gives the benefits of softness that increases with each wash all while maintaining a traditional and professional drape and fit. Not only does a cotton-poly blend allow for softness and shape, but it also offers options for fabric innovation features such as odor and temperature control and superior stain repellant and wrinkle resistance.

By listening to the needs of medical professionals, we were able to create scrubs with features that you actually need, from durability to temperature control to warding off all of those stains whose origin you aren’t even sure you want to think about.

Down to the last thread

We know you that you ask a lot of your scrubs, so we do too. Every single thread is tested for performance and resiliency before production, where they’re finished and tested again for longevity and durability. Fabric innovation provides several benefits for medical scrubs, such as:

・Unmatched superior fabric performance. You can don your scrubs before work with confidence knowing that you’re ready to tackle anything during the day (or night). And when you’re ready to wash your scrubs, there’s no fear of pulling a pair of scrubs out of the dryer that suddenly won’t fit. Other high-performance fabrics require a lot of fuss about washing and drying, but Medelita scrubs can withstand even commercial washing. And ironing? Not necessary, thanks to innovative fabric performance.

・Full-year performance guarantee. Rigorous testing allows Medelita to guarantee all its performance features for a full year, a feature unmatched in the industry.

・Safety. Thanks to a dedication to testing every thread, our scrub fabric is ensured to be safe for the person wearing it. The fabric prevents and repels odors, along with organic stains.

When it comes to scrubs, materials matter Moisture-wicking temperature control. Medelita’s medical scrubs are made from an innovative and breathable soft scrub fabric that wicks moisture away from the scrubs and into the air to help keep you comfortable. In fact, Medelita’s scrub fabrics can keep you 7 degrees cooler.

・Fast-drying. We know that you will be working hard during your shift and dealing with extreme temperatures, from running through emergencies to trying to stay awake and alert night the night shift, so we created our fabric to adapt to you. In fact, our scrub fabric dries 4 times faster than traditional cotton scrubs.

Make your scrubs last longer

To make your scrubs last even longer, pair them with an outer layer, like medical lab coats or an overscrub jacket.

Medelita’s lab coats feature both and stain-resistant and bacteriostatic properties (this is a fancy way of saying the material doesn’t let bacteria that stinks build up on your lab coat). We know that your scrubs will see some things at work and — while we don’t’ necessarily need to get into details, — just trust us when we say we get it and we want you to stay clean and protected.

You would never go into work without feeling confident that you had invested the time and money into preparing yourself for your job; you’ve worked at school and maintained your training and kept your skills sharp. You know that what you’re made of matters— the same is true of your scrubs.

Smart and scientific design with features that work for you, from fast-drying fabric to bacteriostatic elements, create scrubs that can handle any part of the job.

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