Something Old, Something New

Does the website look a little different to you?  If you had that little moment of pause when you visited this week you are definitely not alone, and for good reason. We have been working on developing an improved shopping experience for several months and what you see today marks the beginning of another metamorphosis for the company.

medelita home page

The new home page

Medelita has been many things since it was founded in 2008.  First, as a new brand that recognized that the existing options for women professionals was unacceptable. Second, as a growing company that defined a new standard in professional work wear for clinicians located in over 80 countries worldwide. When shaping what the future holds for us, we studied all of the amazing history of feedback from our colleagues and decided that it was essential that we continue to elevate the level of service that we provide at every stage of the Medelita experience, from the moment you visit the website for the first time right through the time you try your lab coat on at home. We realize that our existing customers who either purchased based on a colleague's advice or purely on faith in the quality of the product represent the lifeblood of our past, present, and future. 

Our continued commitment to providing the highest level of customer service is truly paramount, and we remain humble and grateful for taking a chance on us early on in this journey. Going forward, this commitment will extend into the online shopping experience. As a company that must engage with manufacturing, streamline e-commerce, and ensure the highest quality embroidery personalization in the market, it's essential that we employ a system that can integrate every cutting-edge technology we can find to improve the service we provide. It's a renewed commitment to cleanliness and simplicity in our designs and in our systems, and that extends into the customer experience we provide.  Our new mark and logo illustrates a reflection of modernism that is a byproduct of this mantra.

medelita logo

Going forward, expect 2015 to be an exciting year for new products, fabric, and limited editions that we hope will be popular enough to roll into our core line.  Please get in touch with us when you get an opportunity and tell us what you think and anything you would like to see from us over the next year. As always, we'd love to hear from you!

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