Stunning New Elsie G. Dental Lab Coat . . .

Cuffed sleeves and optional neck closure, as per OSHA regulations, are now a reality here at Medelita.  One of two new dental lab coats, the Elsie G. is a stunning new addition to our women's lab coat line.  A white coat that exudes professionalism, prestige, and modern chic - all combined into one.  Standout features include the standup collar (looks classy in both an open and closed position) and snaps.  Our first lab coat with snaps!  Makes for easy and secure closure, during dental procedures.  But our proudest feature of this women's

white coat, is the hidden vent in the back center seam.  Since dentists and dental surgeons require comfort in an extended reach position, this was an essential element to the long-term comfort of this garment.  And the result . . . our best looking lab coat to date.  At least we think so.

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