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    • Your Opinion Matters: Help Us Choose the Next Color For Our Men's and Women's Scrubs

      Medelita Women's Scrub PantsIt was during these summer months in 1908 when the first public Suffragette rallies were held - when women first united to publically demand a voice. I make the occasional private joke about how content I would be as a housewife or a princess, but the reality is that I have a career that I love because of those women that fought on my behalf. And, princess envy aside, I would be furious if my opinion was dismissed based solely on gender. Or if I was married off in exchange for a plot of land.

      Today, we live in an age of open communication.  The majority of us have voices and platforms for those voices, including Facebook, Twitter, online journals and blogs.  We've become so used to being asked for our opinion nowadays, that actually giving our opinion seems to have lost its importance.  I don't fill out 'how did we do?' cards at stores, and I rarely take the time to go to the web link on my receipt to ‘tell us about our customer service.’  A hundred years ago, most companies (and even the government) wouldn't have really cared what I thought or what I wanted - and now I tend to take opportunities to give my opinion for granted.

      At Medelita, we are blessed with amazing customers that take the time to tell us how much we've positively affected their daily lives. We're a company that listens - our direction is determined by YOUR voice. Every new set of medical scrubs and lab coats that we introduce is driven by customer and colleague feedback, so each opinion and personal request truly matters to our team.

      We received an email recently asking us to add new scrub colors to our line-up.  As our new Caribbean Blue scrubs launch this month, we're getting ready to begin the process of developing the next new color . . . and YOU get to decide what that color will be.

      Please take a minute to choose your top three choices for NEW scrub colors, so we can ensure that we’re adding colors that YOU want.

      Click Here to Give Us Your Opinion

    • Fabric Softener, Dryer Sheets, and Scrubs

      Medelita ScrubsDo you know what I hate? I hate opening the dryer and realizing too late that I forgot to put a fabric softener sheet in with my laundry. I've even been known to throw a sheet in with dry clothes and set the dryer for 15 minutes just to get rid of the static cling. But until recently, like many creature comforts of my modern life, I really never stopped to ask, "How does it work?"

      In a nutshell, fabric softeners (both liquid and dryer sheets) work by coating the surface of the cloth fibers with a thin layer of film designed to make your clothing feel smoother and prevent buildup of static electricity. Also, they smell nice.

      In some cases, however, using fabric softener can actually hinder the performance of certain items. Especially with cotton, coating fibers in fabric softener chemicals can reduce the water absorption properties of the fabric. For instance, most all-cotton towels become naturally softer with repeated washings and using fabric softener will  make them less absorbent.

      Medelita scrubs are made with a very special performance drirelease® cotton fabric with FreshGuard®. What this means is that the fabric itself is moisture-wicking, quick drying, and soft. Drirelease® yarns pull moisture away from the skin and help to regulate skin temperature, minimizing sweat and discomfort.  FreshGuard® is bacteriostatic; it neutralizes and inhibits the growth of bacterial odors. The patented formula is applied at the yarn level, so they are permanent and last the lifetime of the garment. They are also completely environmentally friendly.

      However, like towels, using fabric softener on your Medelita scrubs can make the fabric less effective. Because fabric softener coats clothing, it can clog the weave of our performance fabric, basically creating a layer between you and the yarn and stopping it from doing all of the amazing things it was designed to do.

      Because our scrubs fabric dries so quickly, you only need to put them in the dryer for a short amount of time. If you don't have time to dry your scrubs separately, we recommend removing your scrubs from the dryer after 10-15 minutes and then adding a dryer sheet to the rest of the laundry if you want to. This quick and simple adjustment will guarantee that your Medelita scrubs keep you dry, comfortable, and fresh for as long as you own them.

    • Scrubs on The Rachael Ray Show

      On the Rachael Ray show this morning a woman in scrubs was featured during a fashion segment, and style expert Clinton Kelly offered a guilty verdict. "You know what this look says to me?" asked Clinton, while looking at the drab attire of a scrub top and scrub pant. "Inmate!!"

      It's a shame that she wasn't wearing Medelita scrubs because I think he would have found it impossible to criticize.  But I have to agree that the vast majority of scrubs on the market today are boxy, ill-fitting, and un-flattering. It is mind-baffling to everyone here at Medelita that women and men in healthcare and dentistry are expected to wear shapeless, frumpy unisex lab coats and scrubs that do nothing to portray their true level of aptitude and professionalism.  As an Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant, our Founder Lara Manchik found herself constantly frustrated by uncomfortable fabrics, horrendous fit, and unflattering silhouettes. By founding Medelita, she set out to create a paradigm shift and offer garments consistent with the level of prestige and achievement earned by doctors, surgeons, dentists, PAs and other medical professionals.  At Medelita, we believe that your uniform is an outer display of your achievement – the closest thing to wearing a diploma – and for that reason, it should be perfect.

      Are your scrubs flattering, or are you an inmate trapped in an uncomfortable prison of an abrasive and ill-fitting uniform?  We invite you to experience the comfort and confidence of wearing Medelita scrubs, and we're certain that even famous Hollywood stylists won't have a bad word to say.

    • Re-defining the Value of the Lab Coat

      Towards the end of the 19th century, physicians began to set aside the leeches in favor of a more scientific approach that would become the foundation of our modern medicine. To honor this transition, medical professionals adopted the most recognizable symbol of a scientist: the white lab coat. The lab coat has, over the years, become a distinctive mark of achievement, wisdom, and authority.

      Unfortunately, although the medical industry has evolved with innovative leaps and bounds, the average lab coat is still stuck unfashionably in the 19th century.  So why, in this age of progress and equality, do medical professionals have such low standards for their own comfort and appearance? When it comes to defining the market for lab coats, the major healthcare uniform manufacturers have set the bar low by emphasizing lower cost rather than higher quality.

      It seems like a strange paradigm, doesn't it? Especially when you consider that most professionals who purchase lab coats - physicians, physician assistants, dentists, and nurse practitioners, to name a few - have incomes that would allow them to spend more on a sophisticated, high quality medical uniform. But how do we change old perceptions that rely on price instead of embracing true value?

      When you are buying a lab coat, you have a choice to either purchase a cheap, generic, and unisex garment, or to purchase a more expensive high quality lab coat. As consumers, it's a decision that we all make regularly, especially in regards to clothing.  However, a lab coat is not an average piece of clothing, it is a respected symbol.  Would you meet the President in the lab coat you currently own? (If you already own a Medelita lab coat, I hope the answer is yes!)

      Most of you wear your lab coats for far more than eight hours a day, so it needs to be able to meet demands above that of most clothing. Ideally, a perfect lab coat is a lab coat that you forget you're wearing, as comfortable as your favorite pair of pants and as professional as your favorite suit. A high quality, breathable fabric won't make you feel like you’re in an oven or weighed down by a confining jacket.  A lab coat also needs to be able to protect you from any fluids you come into contact with, as well as being durable and stain resistant. In all, a lab coat needs to be far more than a generic item of clothing.

      At Medelita, it's our goal to bring the comfort and style of medical professionals into the 21st century, redefining the value of the lab coat and changing the perception that a cheap lab coat is an acceptable standard for a respected symbol of achievement, wisdom, and authority.

    • True Value Perspective of Lab Coats & Scrubs

      Medelita founder, Lara Manchik PA-C, maintains the overall design of traditional scrubs and lab coats, modernized with performance fabrics and tailored, professional styling. Medelita uses high quality performance fabrics such as Dri-release® with FreshGuard® by Optimer, Inc. and Advanced Dual Action Teflon® fabric protector by DuPont to add functionality, durability, and practicality to their garments. Below, Lara gives some insights on selecting and buying high quality, high value medical uniforms.

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