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    • Slim Fit vs. Classic Fit – A Men’s Lab Coat Fit Guide

      We have two distinctly different  fits for our men’s lab coats which we’d prefer to call “physician” or “clinician” coats as our white coats are far from the ubiquitous “laboratory coat.”  Our fit is one of the primary differentiators between Medelita products and others. We offer two fits: a “classic fit” and a “slim fit.”  Since this is such a monumental shift from the norm we’d like to give you some fit advice based on body types:

      Slim or Slender Build

      slimfit labcoatOrder our Slim Fit Lab Coat  in your suit size.

      Average Build

      You have two options. If you like more modern styling and more tailored clothing, order the slim fit in your suit size.  In my experience at medical conferences fitting hundreds of physicians - if you are an American size 40 suit or blazer, then you are a 40 in our slim fit. Option two, if you like a more relaxed fit, order the classic fit in your suit size. It will be more tailored than your typical $40 coat; however it will have more room throughout.

      Athletic Build

      Men's Laennec iPad Lab Coat
      You have two options as well. First, for the guys who want a more tailored/slim fit look, order a size up in your suit size.  For instance, if you are an American size 42 then order a Medelita size 44. It will give you the room through the shoulders but give you the trim look you want.  If the slim fit is not your look, then order our Laennec in your regular suit size.


      Our Osler lab coat is best option for a men’s tall lab coat and fits men 6’1” and over. It is in our classic fit which gives you more room through the shoulders. We also leave enough extra fabric at the seams to allow sleeves to be let out by 1 inch.

      Bulky Build

      – Our Laennec lab coat is fuller though the shoulders and the mid-section, and fit nearly everyone who has tried it on. It is available in XXL sizes up to size 52. The larger sizes 50 and 52 are generous in their cut. If your over-arm measurement is more than 7" larger than your chest measurement, choose a lab coat size larger than your chest.

      If you are still unsure, order two or three styles, and we will pay for the shipping both ways inside the U.S.. Or, if this is a gift - try sending an e-gift card and let them choose. Lastly, we are available to help Monday through Friday 8AM to 5PM PST.  Please give us a call at 877-987-7979 or use our click to chat feature.

    • Top 4 Lab Coats For Men

      This season's best lab coats for men represent a vast improvement over most of the lab coats available on the market today. Gone are the days of flimsy, ill-fitting coats with abrasive fabric that stains easily. The next generation of lab coats are now here to stay, featuring impeccably hand-sewn seams and superior quality fabric that not only resists stains but resembles something more akin to a tailored suit blazer rather than a lab coat. Here are our favorite styles for men this year:

      1. Laennec Men's 40" Lab Coat. This lab coat is built for the modern health care professional looking for an updated appearance while on the job. It's the standard size for most male physicians and a favorite among most Medelita-mens customers.
      2. Osler Men's 44" Lab Coat. The Men's Osler Lab Coat is the ultimate display of prestige and aptitude for healthcare professionals. It includes five pockets, including one for a normal iPad or any other device.
      3. Fauchard Men's 40" Dental Lab Coat. The only lab coat that has it all - snap buttons, cuffed sleeves, ergonomic fit to allow maximum forward pronation, and a high collar for superior protection.
      4. Fleming Men's 30" Student Lab Coat. This men's consultation lab coat is perfectly suited to make an impression before, during, and after the white coat ceremony. It is by far the most impressive student lab coat available in the industry today.

      Feel free to browse the full list of men's lab coats by Medelita at the Medelita Men's Lab Coats Page.

    • Lab Coats for a Cause: Healing the Children

      Healing the ChildrenOur Founder, Lara Manchik, PA-C, has a history of medical missionary work and has instilled the value of contribution and charity into who we are as a company.

      Recently, we discovered that a customer, Jane Petro, MD, was involved in a non-profit volunteer organization, Healing the Children. Dr. Petro works with Healing the Children Northeast, headquartered in Connecticut. Dedicated to giving care to children in need, Healing the Children provides donated medical, surgical and dental services for children in the United States and abroad. Since 1985, medical professional volunteers have treated more than 33,000 children worldwide.

      Healing the Children envisions a world where every child has access to medical care. It's a vision that we are all too happy to share, and Medelita was proud to donate several men's and women's lab coats to their cause. Our lab coats will be traveling with the next missionary team to Santa Marta, Columbia at the end of October, where the Facial Plastics & Cleft team of surgeons, doctors, nurses, speech therapists and administrators led by Dr. Manoj T. Abraham will be assisting children and teenagers born with cleft lip palates and other facial deformities. During the week long mission, the team will provide life altering surgery and care to more than 50 children free of charge.

      If you know of any non-denominational charity or organization in need, please email us at contact.us@medelita.com. We're always happy to donate lab coats or scrubs for a worthy cause.

    • Honoring a Pioneer: Pierre Fauchard

      "Sugar is detrimental to both gums and teeth. We should limit it in our daily foods." It seems like common sense now, but in 1728, it was a revolutionary statement. The man credited with first recognizing that sugar was anything but sweet on teeth was Pierre Fauchard, known as "the father of modern dentistry."

      Born in 1678 in France, Pierre Fauchard joined the French Royal Navy at the incredibly young age of 15 and became a combat medic under the tutelage of Alexander Poteleret, a surgeon major who specialized in diseases of the teeth and mouth. The definition of an overachiever, Pierre Fauchard singlehandedly changed the face of dentistry. Like a dental MacGyver, he adapted tools from watch makers, jewelers, and barbers to make remarkable improvisations on dental instruments to combat the limitations of the primitive surgical instruments during the late 17th and early 18th century. He even discovered that teeth position could be corrected and introduced the first braces - initially made from gold and fastened with waxed linen or silk threads.

      Pierre Fauchard was considered a highly skilled surgeon by many of his colleagues at Angers University Hospital, where he worked after he left the Navy. At a time when dentists were called "Dentateurs" and generally only extracted teeth rather than treated them, Fauchard not only removed teeth but filled cavities, removed tartar from around the teeth and benign tumors of the gum, and even created 'false teeth', carved from blocks of ivory or bone. Pierre Fauchard often described himself as a "Chirurgien Dentiste" (Surgical dentist) - a term that would later become the title of his now-famous book.  At the age of 45, Pierre Fauchard completed the manuscript for "Le Chirurgien Dentiste". The book, published in two volumes in 1728, is said to be the first complete scientific description of dentistry.

      We chose to honor Pierre Fauchard with our own innovative and professional Medelita Men's Fauchard dental lab coat. Designed to resemble a men's suit jacket with a traditional collar and blazer pocket, the 40″ length Fauchard dental lab coat is the most professional and tailored dental lab coat on the market.  The Fauchard dental lab coat is designed specifically to accommodate the exact range of motion and ergonomics required of dental practitioners, and features cuffed sleeves and snap closure to the neck for OSHA compliance.

      Comfort with movement in dental specific positions was the paramount consideration in this lab coat design, and an ergonomic design of the sleeves and upper back allows for full range of motion. Double back vent. Easy snap front closure. Underarm grommets for ventilation. Extra Smartphone pocket. The Fauchard dental lab coat also boasts breathable, 100% cotton pre-shrunk performance fabric that repels fluid, soil, and stains – including blood and impression material, while helping to maintain the bright white coat color that signifies prestige and professionalism. Learn more about the Fauchard dental lab coat.

    • Cleaning Your Lab Coat The Eco-Friendly Way

      We recently had a customer ask if she could clean her Medelita lab coat with natural soap, vinegar, or orange oil. As we, as a society, become increasingly more aware of our carbon footprints and chemical toxicity, a desire for eco-friendly options is rising - so I wanted to take a moment to address this question for all of our customers.

      For Medelita lab coats, we do not recommend using anything citrus-based as a cleaning agent. The acidity in orange or lemon oils acts like chlorinated bleach. Chlorinated bleach is extremely harsh and will slowly eat away at the cotton of your coat. While most lab coats are polyester, Medelita lab coats are 100% cotton treated with DuPont™ Advanced Dual Action Teflon® fabric protector,  which repels and releases stains. A gentle detergent in the agitation of washing is usually enough to leave your coat as white and clean as the day it was purchased. However, if you want to use bleach, a non-chlorinated version is acceptable.

      For Green cleaning solutions, we suggest using white vinegar or a natural lavender-based soap. Lavender has natural antibacterial properties, and will kill germs and bacteria without compromising the fabric. As seen on Dr. Oz, lavender oil also kills bacteria on the skin and nails. For example, if you get a fungus from the nail spa, putting lavender oil on your nails at night will clear it right up.

    • Win a Free Lab Coat

      Part of my job here at Medelita is to interact with our customers on Facebook, and it's a very enjoyable part of my day. Through these social media outlets, we can engage our customers directly and place their needs at the forefront of our growth. It's a privilege to be involved with such a community of medical colleagues, experiencing firsthand the positive impact that Medelita has had in their lives.  We're a company that embodies the values of health and wellbeing that you dedicate your lives to promoting, and we love being able to share our culture with the medical community.

      We know you don't have a lot of spare time in your lives, so we'd be honored if you joined our Facebook community to keep up with the latest Medelita news, share your everyday stories with your colleagues, or provide feedback, directly influencing the next generation of Medelita garments.

      As a welcome, Medelita is launching its very first Facebook contest. Between June 15th and June 30th, you can enter to win a FREE LAB COAT OF YOUR CHOICE simply by becoming a fan of Medelita. The winner can choose from any one of our Medelita lab coats and Medelita Men's lab coats.

      If you've been curious about our lab coats but haven't purchased one yet, here is a perfect opportunity to try your first Medelita lab coat. If you already have one of our lab coats, then take advantage of a chance to win an extra favorite lab coat or try one of our other popular styles for the first time. If not for you, perhaps there's a medical professional in your life who deserves the prestige that comes from looking sophisticated and professional?

      Only one person can win, but everyone who participates in the contest will receive a code for Free Name & Title Embroidery. It's our Thank You for supporting us and continuing to inspire us here at Medelita.

      Enter to Win Now

    • Experience-Inspired Design in Lab Coats and Medical Scrubs

      It was the silence that eventually woke me. A sense, even in sleep, that something was missing . . . something wasn't quite right. There was a moment after my eyes opened, still heavy with the haze of sleep, where I simply stared at the alarm clock and wondered why it was displaying the wrong numbers. Why was that 9 there? And then the panic hit me . . .

      To me, one of the worst feelings is waking up late. Many of my morning rituals get abandoned in the pursuit of getting to work as soon as possible . . . my makeup routine becomes a 60-second rush.  I wear the first outfit I see.  And I definitely don't stop to get coffee on the way to work. I know how detrimental not looking or feeling up to par can be, and paired with a lingering fatigue, a self-conscious sense of being rushed stays with me for most of the day.

      It's a rare occurrence for me, but for many of our customers/colleagues, feeling rushed and disheveled is a normal part of their everyday career.  When you're working 10 to 12 or even 24 hour shifts, eating when you can find the time (if the cafeteria is even open), sleeping in a cramped room between beeper calls, and juggling 37 patients at any one moment - the idea of feeling your best seems like an unrealistic fantasy. Physical and emotional fatigue can leave you feeling frumpy and unkempt, yet your dedication to your career, your patients, and the people depending upon you to make decisions, takes absolute precedence over your own comfort.

      At Medelita, we know that every detail is important. It's our goal to help you by offering fitted, flattering, and functional lab coats and scrubs. Every detail of our garments is designed from the perspective of what will serve YOU. Our fabrics are carefully chosen to repel fluids, soil, stains and odors. Spilled coffee, spattered blood, and intensely hot overhead lights are all top of mind in creating the perfect Medelita fabrics and garments. Our pockets are deep because we know you have a lot to carry, and the pocket stitching is reinforced to prevent tearing.  Why?  Because our Founder, too, has plenty of memories of being reeled in by an unruly stretcher . . . . rrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiippp!!!  We know what is important to you and the garments you wear more than 2,000 hours/year.

      Medelita strives to produce the best lab coats and scrubs in the world so that you have one less thing to worry about. We know that you don't have a lot of time to fuss over your appearance.  With Medelita garments, you effortlessly look professional and feel comfortable, no matter what your day brings.

    • The Button Theory

      Many of us at Medelita are fans of Patagonia. Let My People Go Surfing, by Patagonia Founder, Yvon Chouinard, has served as an inspiration for some of our Medelita policies. The following excerpt is a prime example:

      Let’s take a close look at a loose button and the consequences depending on who happens to discover it. Say the button falls off in your customer’s hand as she pulls the pants out of the washing machine. Your entire company, and your partners, have failed in the grossest possible way. That hard-earned customer will never again fully trust your claim to quality.

      At Medelita, we not only strive to provide the best customer service possible, but we are committed to providing the finest possible quality garment. As a customer, your feedback helps fuel the new generation of Medelita garments. We don't create a garment and then stamp 'DONE' on it...we are always looking for new ways to improve the quality, look, feel, and durability of our lab coats and scrubs. Your Medelita garments are worn more than any other garment in your wardrobe, so we know that it needs to withstand more wear and tear than your average piece of clothing - and we want to make sure that it is the best quality it can possibly be, for as long as possible.

      Every now and then, though, a button will fall off despite how much effort we put into trying to prevent it. On those rare occasions, we will replace any and all buttons as needed. Not for six months or a year, but for the lifetime of your Medelita garment.

      We offer several options for button replacement at no charge, so if you ever lose a button, contact us. Medelita will ensure that your garment is back to looking perfect, sophisticated, and professional as soon as possible.

      Medelita Buttons

    • The Secret Male Demand for Quality

      At Medelita, we have separate private single-stall bathrooms for men and women (No, I’m not entering a contest for strangest blog intro, I swear). I recently saw a male coworker leaving the women's bathroom, and I had to laugh because the men's bathroom was empty and less than five feet away.

      "It's nicer!," he said before darting back into his office. I've noticed that some men have a tendency to claim that the little 'luxury' details don't matter...until they discover the difference. My boyfriend buys Irish Spring in a 6-pack and then uses my L'Occitane Shea Butter soap, and I'd bet you know at least one man that secretly swears by Bath & Body Works and prefers high-end hair products (although he'll adamantly deny it).

      When Medelita was founded, we only offered a women's line of scrubs and lab coats. At the time, we didn't think there was much of a market for a men's line, since the 'unisex' styling was essentially masculine in both design and tradition. Boy, we were wrong!

      Our Founder always relays a flashback to one of the very first medical conferences (AAD) she attended as an exhibitor.  Anxious about even the female MDs liking and accepting the new Medelita lab coats, she was caught off guard when a very pushy and vocal male dermatologist forged his way through the slew of female MDs happily trying on lab coats, and said, with his fist on the table, “Where’s mine???”  Ok, she realized, so it’s not just women that have been unhappily wearing frumpy lab coats.

      It didn't take long for more men in the medical world to speak up and demand the same quality of garment. We were flooded with requests for tailored and professional looking lab coats and scrubs designed specifically for men. At Medelita, when the customer speaks, we always listen...and the Medelita Men's line was born.

      Today, we now offer four distinct lab coat designs for men: the full-length Osler lab coat, the mid-length Laennec lab coat, the Fauchard dental lab coat, and the Fleming consultation lab coat. Medelita Men's lab coats are 100% cotton and impeccably hand-sewn, like a tailored suit blazer.  At Medelita, we devote as much time to perfecting our garments for men as we do for women. The tailoring, fit and design features make our lab coats second to none because, after all, your lab coat is your suit, and you deserve to look your best.

    • Medelita at the CDA Conference in Anaheim


      Our Medelita conference team is just returning from the California Dental Association convention, The Art and Science of Dentistry, in Anaheim.  Our only local conference of the year (as we are based in San Clemente, CA) The CDA Presents event was only a short car ride away.  This week we are still basking in the excitement – lots of repeat customers, many vocal previous customers coming back to the booth to thank us (as well as to entice others with their animated testimonials) and just an overall vibe that dentists, dental surgeons and hygienists are becoming familiar with our new brand, Medelita.  “Are you the ones with the cuffed sleeves and fluid resistant fabric?” so many would say.  Yep – that’s us!

      Our dental lab coats being the newest in our lab coat lineup, this is all very rewarding to our small team, to realize that we are growing and the people are hearing about us.  Specifically, what makes our lab coats so unique and profession specific.

      So what did they buy?  Elsie G. and Fauchard dental coats went flying.  These new 100% cotton dental coats are extremely well received by dentists and all dental professionals.  Women seem to truly love the sporty look of the Elsie G. lab coat with the preppy stand-up collar and snap closure.  And the men commented that the Fauchard cuffed sleeves and optional snap closure to the neck are ideal features for their everyday positioning and professional presentation.

      Much to our surprise, no one seemed deterred by our lack of current inventory in both the Elsie G. and Lucy H.T. lab coats.  It’s true – they have been so popular that we’ve had a hard time properly planning for inventory.  A good and a bad problem, I suppose.  But one that is definitely being corrected in the upcoming months, never to happen again.  We are extremely grateful for the patience our customers/colleagues have displayed, as we experience these growing pains.

      Looking forward to CDA in Anaheim next year.  Likely to see new and (now) plenty of old faces next year . . . . with new styles and new scrub colors in hand.

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