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    • Win a Free Lab Coat

      Part of my job here at Medelita is to interact with our customers on Facebook, and it's a very enjoyable part of my day. Through these social media outlets, we can engage our customers directly and place their needs at the forefront of our growth. It's a privilege to be involved with such a community of medical colleagues, experiencing firsthand the positive impact that Medelita has had in their lives.  We're a company that embodies the values of health and wellbeing that you dedicate your lives to promoting, and we love being able to share our culture with the medical community.

      We know you don't have a lot of spare time in your lives, so we'd be honored if you joined our Facebook community to keep up with the latest Medelita news, share your everyday stories with your colleagues, or provide feedback, directly influencing the next generation of Medelita garments.

      As a welcome, Medelita is launching its very first Facebook contest. Between June 15th and June 30th, you can enter to win a FREE LAB COAT OF YOUR CHOICE simply by becoming a fan of Medelita. The winner can choose from any one of our Medelita lab coats and Medelita Men's lab coats.

      If you've been curious about our lab coats but haven't purchased one yet, here is a perfect opportunity to try your first Medelita lab coat. If you already have one of our lab coats, then take advantage of a chance to win an extra favorite lab coat or try one of our other popular styles for the first time. If not for you, perhaps there's a medical professional in your life who deserves the prestige that comes from looking sophisticated and professional?

      Only one person can win, but everyone who participates in the contest will receive a code for Free Name & Title Embroidery. It's our Thank You for supporting us and continuing to inspire us here at Medelita.

      Enter to Win Now

    • The Perfect Father's Day Gift

      Medelita MensI think men got the short end of the gift stick. I find it incredibly easy to buy gifts for other women, whether friends or family, but when it comes to men, it's a lot harder.  Women can appreciate non-essential things...flowers, candles, soaps, anything even remotely pretty, no matter how useless it might actually be.  However, I've noticed that the consumer world isn't as full of useless items for men, probably because men are more practical about possessions (yes, I said it...don't shoot the blogger.)

      Every man I know already has any electronic gadget he wants, and short of golf-themed paper weights or socks, I'm out of good ideas. With Father's Day rapidly approaching, it's a bad time to be out of ideas, so I thought I would offer a suggestion for those of you with 'medical males' in your lives.

      If you know a man in the medical profession, chances are that he has a lab coat or a set of scrubs already...but does he like them? Are they his favorite fitted suit or does he give them the same consideration as his socks or pajamas? When the man in your life doesn't need anything, giving him an upgrade - a better, more durable and functional improved version of what he already has - is a surefire way to hit the gift jackpot.

      Our Medelita Men's lab coats and scrubs are leaps and bounds ahead of anything else on the market. Medelita scrubs are durable, comfortable, and functional, with moisture wicking and bacteriostatic properties - thanks to our  drirelease® with FreshGuard® fabric, and our male customers/colleagues love our products as much as our female customers.

      "What I truly love, are the real, honest to goodness scrub pant pockets.  Finally I no longer need to juggle fifteen things in my hands.  And although I probably have an average build for a man my age, I actually don't look like a fire plug when wearing them.  These are well worth the extra money compared to cheap, semi-disposable fabric scrubs sold by others."
      - Lawrence Herman, MPA, RPA-C, DFAAPA, Huntington, NY

      Medelita also offers four distinct lab coat designs for men: the full-length Osler lab coat, the mid-length Laennec lab coat, the Fauchard dental lab coat, and the Fleming consultation lab coat.

      "I just received the Osler lab coat and I immediately put it on and went about my rotations. The heft and feel of this coat is exceptional and the quality and design is second to none. Within twenty minutes I had lost count of how many of my colleagues had inquired about where I got it, and had run off to their offices to look it up online. In patient interaction the coat was comfortable and proved on its first day to be completely durable and resistant to fluids and stains. I will definitely be purchasing more of these coats and will likely never wear another. Bravo Medelita, Bravo!"
      - Michael Vinson, BC-HIS, Santa Fe, NM

      Medelita Men’s lab coats are breathable  100% cotton treated with DuPont™ Teflon® fabric protector to resist fluid, soil, and stains - including blood - keeping the coat clean and white with minimal effort required.  Impeccably hand-sewn, like a tailored suit blazer, the fit, functionality, and design features make our lab coats second to none. After all, a man's lab coat is his suit.

      So if you're searching for a gift because the man in your life has 'everything' - does he have Medelita? Be sure to order soon for Father's Day, especially if you'd like name & title embroidery. At Medelita, we're dedicated to making sure that your gift is the best one he receives.

    • Medelita Embroidery: Pondering Punctuation

      Medelita EmbroideryI have a bad habit of using exclamation marks when I write. Not that I'm a punctuation cheerleader who seems 'about to explode with how awesome what I am saying is!!!!!', but more that I tend to use exclamation points to try and convey something beyond monotony. However, I'm still wrong - redefining the English language to my own whimsy. Wikipedia defines punctuation marks as "symbols that indicate the structure and organization of written language, as well as intonation and pauses to be observed when reading aloud." An exclamation mark is supposed to be used to convey an exclamation of strong emotion or volume, and not simply to sound lively or mildly excited.

      I'm not alone (or I am, and it's normal to yell on Facebook), but our ancestors never had to rely so extensively on constant communication via the written word. A letter written a century ago would take weeks, if not months, to reach its recipient, and so each word was approached with care and consideration. But now we have the internet. Now we have text messages and emails, twitter updates and blogs . . . we are an age of the written word, even if it does sometimes get woefully mangled by our younger generations. I, for one, refuse to contribute to the mangling, and I'm making a conscious effort to break my habit of misusing exclamation marks.

      Conveying the right intonation is not the only challenge that punctuation can present.  At Medelita, we often get questions about punctuation in regards to Name & Title Embroidery.  Typically we recommend having as few punctuation marks as possible, especially when it comes to periods.  Choosing RN or MD instead of R.N. or M.D. makes the embroidery ‘flow’ instead of breaking it up in our opinion.

      However, it is a matter of personal preference. We like to say that embroidery is the closest thing to wearing your diploma - you earned it, so it is up to you how you would like it to look. We definitely see plenty of people use periods in their names as well in the title.  We also see the comma eliminated and no punctuation, however, this can make it ‘flow’ a bit too much and not really distinguish between the name and title in our opinion. At Medelita, we ultimately recommend no periods and the comma between the name and title: i.e. Susan Smith, MD - but again, this is ultimately up to you.

      Medelita is always happy to discuss embroidery options with you over the phone as well. We are available Monday-Friday 8-5 PM PST at (877) 987-7979.

    • Embroidery Colors

      We get a ton of emails from curious customers/colleagues - and this has to be the most common question.  What color embroidery do you recommend?  So here goes.  My personal favorites are the lighter colors on the women's coats.  For whatever reason, colors such as carolina blue, khaki, blossom, and willow are my favorites.  These are extremely complimentary to the feminine coats - they add a soft, professional look that is still legible but enough for anyone to note "that is different and of markedly better quality than what I'm used to seeing."  For those who get nervous about lighter shades or being out of the box "too much" I would recommend storm navy, copper, plum or charcoal.  These, too, are stunning colors that have a somewhat muted tone, and again - are complimentary to the lab coat style and quality.  And for our traditionalists - we (of course) do offer black, true navy, scarlet, and hunter green.  These colors are required in some medical/dental settings.  And others just prefer them.  So find your comfort level above and consider thinking "out of the box" when it comes to embroidery color selection.

      At Medelita, we call embroidery "the icing on the cake," as it is your mark of achievement, accomplishment, and prestige, and so be rightfully displayed as such.  It's our job for the embroidery to be consistent with the high quality of all of our lab coats and scrubs.

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