A $30 Suit

Imagine for a moment that you're facing an important court case, and your attorney arrives in a $30 suit. Would you feel it didn't matter, or would your confidence in that attorney be shattered, if only a little? While the dollar amount is just an example, the quality of a garment has a huge impact on the overall appearance of the individual wearing it - and in most professions, society demands that the appearance match the prestige. Within the medical world, however, there is an unimaginably low standard for appearance. Most patients view their health and well-being with the same, if not more, importance as you may view a pivotal court case. However, it's an acceptable norm for a practitioner to walk into a room wearing a $30 lab coat or set of scrubs. It's a stretch to pretend that appearance in such a situation doesn't matter, so how did the standard become so low? At Medelita, we are raising the bar and creating a paradigm shift that is rippling across the medical industry and finally treating our customers like the highly qualified and dedicated individuals that they are - in all ways, including appearance.  We often say that a lab coat is your suit, and we believe it. As a garment worn every single day as an outward symbol of achievement and aptitude, you deserve the very best. In comparison to other medical garments, we are indeed more expensive. What you get with Medelita is a higher quality, functionally innovative, and sophisticated garment that stands head and shoulders above the rest. After all, your lab coat is your suit.™

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