The Perfect Father's Day Gift

Medelita MensI think men got the short end of the gift stick. I find it incredibly easy to buy gifts for other women, whether friends or family, but when it comes to men, it's a lot harder.  Women can appreciate non-essential, candles, soaps, anything even remotely pretty, no matter how useless it might actually be.  However, I've noticed that the consumer world isn't as full of useless items for men, probably because men are more practical about possessions (yes, I said it...don't shoot the blogger.) Every man I know already has any electronic gadget he wants, and short of golf-themed paper weights or socks, I'm out of good ideas. With Father's Day rapidly approaching, it's a bad time to be out of ideas, so I thought I would offer a suggestion for those of you with 'medical males' in your lives. If you know a man in the medical profession, chances are that he has a lab coat or a set of scrubs already...but does he like them? Are they his favorite fitted suit or does he give them the same consideration as his socks or pajamas? When the man in your life doesn't need anything, giving him an upgrade - a better, more durable and functional improved version of what he already has - is a surefire way to hit the gift jackpot. Our Medelita Men's lab coats and scrubs are leaps and bounds ahead of anything else on the market. Medelita scrubs are durable, comfortable, and functional, with moisture wicking and bacteriostatic properties - thanks to our  drirelease® with FreshGuard® fabric, and our male customers/colleagues love our products as much as our female customers.
"What I truly love, are the real, honest to goodness scrub pant pockets.  Finally I no longer need to juggle fifteen things in my hands.  And although I probably have an average build for a man my age, I actually don't look like a fire plug when wearing them.  These are well worth the extra money compared to cheap, semi-disposable fabric scrubs sold by others." - Lawrence Herman, MPA, RPA-C, DFAAPA, Huntington, NY
Medelita also offers four distinct lab coat designs for men: the full-length Osler lab coat, the mid-length Laennec lab coat, the Fauchard dental lab coat, and the Fleming consultation lab coat.
"I just received the Osler lab coat and I immediately put it on and went about my rotations. The heft and feel of this coat is exceptional and the quality and design is second to none. Within twenty minutes I had lost count of how many of my colleagues had inquired about where I got it, and had run off to their offices to look it up online. In patient interaction the coat was comfortable and proved on its first day to be completely durable and resistant to fluids and stains. I will definitely be purchasing more of these coats and will likely never wear another. Bravo Medelita, Bravo!" - Michael Vinson, BC-HIS, Santa Fe, NM
Medelita Men’s lab coats are breathable  100% cotton treated with DuPont™ Teflon® fabric protector to resist fluid, soil, and stains - including blood - keeping the coat clean and white with minimal effort required.  Impeccably hand-sewn, like a tailored suit blazer, the fit, functionality, and design features make our lab coats second to none. After all, a man's lab coat is his suit. So if you're searching for a gift because the man in your life has 'everything' - does he have Medelita? Be sure to order soon for Father's Day, especially if you'd like name & title embroidery. At Medelita, we're dedicated to making sure that your gift is the best one he receives.

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