New Men's Lab Coats Debut to Rave Reviews at American College of Gastroenterology

We introduced our three new styles of men's lab coats at American College of Gastroenterology conference in San Diego this week to huge fan fair!  The three styles called Osler, Laennec  and Flemming have a significantly more sophisticated,  tailored & professional appearance than the typical ubiquitous men's white coat.  Most, if not all the physicians visiting our booth commented on "what nice fabric it is" and were thoroughly  impressed by the fluid resistant properties, thanks to the Advanced Dual Action Teflon fabric protector stain repel and release technology, allowing most liquids, including blood, to roll right off. However, the style and fit were the impetus for their purchase. One male doc commented that "this is the first men's lab coat he has ever purchased." He then went on to say that he usually buys woman's coats to look more stylish and was thrilled to find such a stylish,well made men's white coat. The conference attendees were especially thrilled to have their name and title embroidered on their new white coats. These three styles will be available for purchase on our site early next month and medelita will follow up with the launch of the new Medeilta Men's site scheduled for November 16th.

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