Top 5 Reasons to Wear Sanita Clogs

One question we get asked quite a lot is what makes Sanita® clogs different from Dansko® clogs. Are there unique benefits to Sanita? Isn't Dansko the same as Sanita? Are Sanita clogs ultimately better than Dansko clogs? Here are the top five reasons to wear Sanita clogs: 1. If your Dansko clogs were made prior to 2008, they were made by Sanita For many years, Sanita® was relatively unknown, and Dansko® was the clog of choice for medical professionals. Part of the reason for Sanita's anonymity was the fact that since the early 1990s until August 2007, Sanita® private-label manufactured all of the Dansko® stapled clogs collection, including Dansko® Professional Clogs. In August of 2007, Dansko® and Sanita® ended their long-term partnership. If you're curious whether or not your existing clogs were made by Dansko® or Sanita®, there is a way to tell. Check the sole of your shoes. If your clogs were manufactured before 2008 by Sanita® you will see patent 0060240. This indicates that your clogs were made by Sanita® according to their patented construction. If you have a pair of really old Dansko® clogs, you may even see Sanita® stamped on the bottom as well as the patent number mentioned above. If the sole of your shoes has no patent number, you have a redesigned Dansko® shoe, which was manufactured after its split from Sanita®. 2. Sanita clogs are handmade In 1907, a visionary and the founder of Sanita®, Christian Meldgaard Andersen, created the first pair of hand carved wooden clogs. And after 100 years, every clog is still handcrafted in Europe - with the same tradition of craftsmanship and caring. Dansko® began their own manufacturing in China, and Sanita® decided to continue their Professional Clog line under their own name, with continuation of production in Europe. 3. Sanita manufactures at consistent standards For the past century, Sanita has upheld a tradition of craftsmanship, quality, and caring by handcrafting every clog in the same dedicated clog factories in Denmark and Poland. Sanita® clogs have also been awarded the “Seal of Acceptance” by the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) for their supreme quality and comfort. Since Sanita® stopped manufacturing Dansko® Professional Clogs, Dansko® has experienced some inconsistencies with their clogs – most noticeably, many of our customers have commented that the new heel design and higher arch on Dankso clogs is uncomfortable, causing ankle instability in a fast-paced, on-your-feet-all-day work environment. 4. Sanita clogs are anatomically designed One of the main complaints we hear about Dansko clogs is the narrow width of the heel, which can cause anything from a twisted ankle to an all-out tumble. Sanita clogs feature the original, wider heel, and have been awarded the “Seal of Acceptance” by the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) for their supreme quality and comfort. The oiled leather and reinforced stabilizing instep offers additional padding, while the protective heel cap provides support. Anatomically designed, Sanita clogs ensure a perfect and comfortable fit. 5. You can save 15% on Sanita clogs Medelita now offers Sanita professional clogs in a number of men’s and women’s styles that offer a finished look when paired with our scrubs and lab coats. And – for a limited time, we’re offering our entire line of professional clogs at a special 15% discount. No coupon codes, no fuss, just automatic savings. While we're obviously biased, that bias is very much based on fact - Sanita® has built a reputation of keeping medical professionals comfortable during a long, strenuous shift. In addition to their impressive history, premium leathers, innovative designs, style, quality, durability, and comfort – Sanita® professional clogs emulate our philosophies at Medelita. They represent the perfect blend of tradition and innovation that we ourselves strive to embody – offering a modern look infused with color and texture, while remaining professional and traditional.

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