Top 7 Reasons Why Emergency Departments Love Medelita Scrubs

    Top 7 Reasons Why Emergency Departments Love Medelita Scrubs

    This entry was posted on July 24, 2013 by Joe Francisco.
    on July 24, 2013

    Baggy and unisex medical scrubs have not truly evolved in years. Brands may introduce new colors, new prints, and new pockets - but true innovation has been lacking. Our founder, an emergency medicine physician assistant specializing in pediatrics, found trend unacceptable. She set out to drastically change the fit, comfort, functionality while making medical scrubs more professional in appearance.

    Since our earliest days emergency departments have been the biggest fans of our products. Here are the top 7 reasons why EDs love medelita medical scrubs:

    Men’s and women’s sizes that are true to size.

    No more trash-bag sized medical scrubs.

    Our super soft Drirelease® with FreshGuard® fabric

    Fabric that is ideal for medical scrubs. It moisture-wicking properties actually work as advertised – they keep you fresh and dry during long shifts.

    A waistband and drawstring that keep up those scrub pants when it counts.

    Multiple pagers are no match for this waist.

    A higher V-neck

    A higher cut V-neck keeps prying eyes out of your scrub tops without having to wear an undershirt.

    Functional Pockets

    Pockets like you would find in chinos. They hold important stuff and don’t let go.

    Go To Work Wrinkle-Free

    Our medical scrubs come out of the dryer and out of a quick nap basically wrinkle free.

    Fast drying scrub fabric.

    Whether you’re in a rush for your shift and spill your latte or, an infant decides to relieve himself on you when you take off his diaper, our scrubs dry 4 times faster than cotton and remember, they don’t hold in odors.

    Emergency departments also love our free shipping and embroidery, which is available every day. Our logo service is also very convenient, if you have a group or hospital logo required on your scrubs, we’ll digitize the logo complimentary ($150 value) with the purchase of two sets of scrubs or a set or scrubs and a lab coat.

    Thanks to all the EDs out there in our medical scrubs and look for us at ACEP13 this fall in Seattle.

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