Unloading 6000+ Lab Coats

Extreme patience would be an understatement.  Some of our customers/colleagues have waited over 4 months for lab coat styles that were forced into backorder status, much sooner than anticipated.  A sorta good issue and sorta bad issue to have.  Good - in that more and more physicians and dentists are interested in buying from Medelita, thanks to (mainly) word of mouth and taking note of the improved fit, styling, and fabric of Medelita lab coats. 

The negative - those who wanted a Medelita lab coat right away, had a painstakingly long wait to receive one.  Sorta a frustrating first impression, and not one that we would choose to give. But happily last Friday we heard the truck coming and anxiously ran outside to a sunny, warm day and the largest delivery we've ever received.  The Callia, Estie, Ellody, Osler, Laennec, and Fauchard style lab coats arrived in larger numbers than ever before.  And the quality - exceptional.  The six of us (see picture) managed to muscle up 204 very heavy boxes onto palates and then into our warehouse.  Not something that we typically do . . . but an extremely impressive effort. 

The energy and pride were at an all-time high.  Our team wanted nothing more than to get the items counted and stocked, as soon as possible, so that we could expedite the orders to our valiantly patient customers/colleagues. Those of you waiting for one these men's or women's lab coat styles, you can expect your lab coat to ship early this week - if not already.  Embroidered lab coat orders were given top priority, and will ship within 8-10 business days.

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